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I know, I know ... I linked to this yesterday, but it was buried inconspicuously at the bottom of a long post and I just watched it again and it made me laugh hard enough that I just can't leave it down there in obscurity.

Ikasso is the latest film from In China They Eat Dogs director LAsse Spang Olsen, starring Kim Bodnia (In China, Pusher) as an underworld bill collector trying to collect a debt from High Fidelity's Iben Hjejle, who is not exactly an ugly (or untalented) woman. I've become a bit of a Bodnia fan recently and this one looks like a solid action comedy with a black sense of humor. I've isolated the Quicktime file for those of you who complained that the player on the page I linked to last time wasn't functioning properly ...

Click here for poodle-death.

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