Chan! Stallone! EX-BAGHDAD!

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Chan! Stallone! EX-BAGHDAD!

Jackie Chan has been teaming up with Hollywood stars, on and off, for about 30 years, which is kind of funny because in his classic run of Hong Kong action pictures, he embodied the 'solo action hero' / 'one against many' stereotype.

Sylvester Stallone wrote his own ticket to stardom in Rocky more than 40 years ago and then became a mega-star in the 1980s because he too made movies in which he emboded the 'solo action hero' / 'one against many' stereotype.

In recent years, both stars have faded to a degree. They have teamed with personalities more and more. So perhaps it was inevitable that they would, eventually, star together. Chan and Stallone will star in action thriller Ex-Baghdad, according to Deadline. Scott Waugh, former stunt person turned director (Act of Valor, Need for Speed), will helm the project. 

Synopsis, per Deadline: "When a China-run oil refinery is attacked in Mosul, Iraq, a Chinese private security contractor (Chan) is called in to extract the oil workers. He learns, however, that the attackers' real plan is to steal a fortune in oil, and teams up with an American former Marine (Stallone) to stop them."

Ex-Baghdad is budgeted at $80 million. which seems a reasonable price to pay for two stars with name recognition throughout the known movie galaxy and a lot of explosions. I am cautiously (foolishly?) optimistic.

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