Exclusive Clip: BLOOD TRAP - "I Don't Like This At All" (And With Good Reason)

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Exclusive Clip: BLOOD TRAP - "I Don't Like This At All" (And With Good Reason)

Not for the faint of heart -- or for those at a place of employment or work of some kind or in the public eye or on an airplane or (probably) if your mother or father or child or (possibly) other loved one or other sensitive soul is nearby -- our exclusive clip from Blood Trap is, I am fairly certain, just the nasty tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

In the clip, a young woman is attempting to shoot drugs into her veins, when a group of kidnappers enters her room, grab her ... and then shoot her up with drugs. Then things go very, very wrong, and Costas Mandylor looks very solemn and angry, and mutters the line of dialogue quoted in the headline, and then Vinnie Jones tries to do something he'll soon regret, and ... yeah, it's a Blood Trap, alright.

Synopsis: When a group of criminals attempts to kidnap a gangster's beautiful daughter for ransom, they find themselves locked in her compound until nightfall. Now the predators become the prey as the would-be kidnappers are systematically hunted by a vicious bloodsucking vampire who feeds and breeds!

Written and directed by Alberto Sciamma, Blood Trap will release on Tuesday, September 20 via Cleopatra Films, on a variety of VOD platforms. You can watch the clip below. We also have a few photos to feast your hungry eyes upon.

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