Cannes 2015 Wrap: All Our Reviews And Top Picks

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The Cannes 2015 film festival is all wrapped up and while we'll have a few more reviews trickling in, here is a list of everything we've seen and written up so far. See below for our thoughts on the top (and bottom) picks of the festival that was.

Amy Review by Ryland Aldrich
Carol Review by Ben Croll
Coin Locker Girl Review by Pierce Conran
Dheepan Review by Jason Gorber
Green Room Review by Ryland Aldrich
Inside Out Review by Jason Gorber
Irrational Man Review by Jason Gorber
Krisha Review by Ben Croll
Lobster Review by Jason Gorber
Love Review by Jason Gorber
Macbeth Review by Jason Gorber
Mad Max: Fury Road Review by Jason Gorber
Madonna Review by Pierce Conran
Mediterranea Review by Ben Croll
Mountains May Depart Review by Ryland Aldrich
My Golden Days Review by Ben Croll
Office Review by Pierce Conran
Rams Review by Jason Gorber
Sea of Trees Review by Jason Gorber
Sicario Review by Jason Gorber
Sleeping Giant Review by Jason Gorber
Son of Saul Review by Jason Gorber
The Anarchists Review by Ryland Aldrich
The Assassin Review by Ben Croll
The Shameless Review by Pierce Conran

Palme d'Or Competition
Critics Week and Directors Fortnight
Un Certain Regard, Midnight, Out of Comp Official

Ben Croll, and Shelagh Rowan-Legg contributed to this story.

What was your top pick of the fest?

Jason - If we take Mad Max out of the equation, and give proper shout outs to the likes of Green Room and Sicario, it'd be hard not to see Cannes 2015 as anything other than the year of Son of Saul. It's one of those beautiful and rare goosebump-making films you see at a fest, and was a thrill to feel like you were discovering something unique and special in a sea of other films.

Shelagh - My favourite film was Songs My Brothers Taught Me, directed by Chloé Zhao, which featured in the Director's Fortnight programme. A beautiful and heartbreaking portrait of life of a family on a Native reservation in South Dakota and filled with incredible naturalistic performances, this film captures the beauty of the land and the hardships of growing up, and being Native, in America.

Ben - Out of however many countless films watched, the one that stays with me in a profound way is Ciro Guerra’s Embrace of the Serpent. I just can’t stop thinking about this black and white trip-out, a heady mindfuck that marries differing schools of philosophy with wide-screen vistas that are never short of stunning.

Ryland - This festival was packed with an especially high number of top quality films. As I've previously remarked, I saw at least three films I predict will be on my year end Top 10 (as opposed to only one film making that list from Cannes in my previous two trips). That said, I think the Cannes film-going experience I will remember most when I think back on 2015 is the premiere of the action-packed Sicario, one of the tensest films I've ever seen and a true cinematic masterpiece.

Pictured: Son of Saul

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