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Review: THE UNTAMED, Riveting and Shocking, It Needs to Be Watched to Be Believed

One of the reasons that I love fantastic genre film is that it can often find the most relevant and interesting metaphors for dealing with issues of social life, be they cultural, political, or sexual. The Untamed, which won the...

Review: VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS, Lush Visuals And Lackluster Everything Else

In Luc Besson's latest film, the extravagant science-fiction, hypercolor seizure Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, a pair of space cops set off on a devil-may-care adventure to save the universe. Or something like that. Valerian (Dane DeHaan)...

Review: In SKOKAN, Czech Director Petr Václav Seals His Filmmaking Versatility

Czech helmer Petr Václav pushes the envelope of his filmmaking in an uplifting road movie with universal message

Fantasia 2017 Short Film Short Review: THE LAST SCHNITZEL

Humankind’s time on Earth has is coming to end. As the planet dies nations prepare fleets to flee to nearby Mars. One of the last holdouts is the Grand Turkish Republic. The president refuses to okay the evacuation until he...

Review: In ENDLESS POETRY, Alejandro Jodorowsky Continues to Amaze

Chilean born Alejandro Jodorowsky can be called many things: Mystic, sage, tarot master, director, screenwriter, actor, mime, graphic novel scribe, healer, philosopher, novelist, playwright, spiritual guru. All that and more could fit on his resume... if he was a man...

Book Review: STUDIO: REMEMBERING CHRIS MARKER, A Beautiful Tribute to a Great Artist

Studio: Remembering Chris Marker is a new hardcover release from OR Books that marries an introduction by Ben Lerner and an essay from Colin MacCabe with photos from Adam Bartos to create a beautiful tribute to the late filmmaker-artist Chris...

Edinburgh 2017 Review: Love and Paganism In THE DARK MILE

Louise (Rebecca Calder), decked out in a heavy fisherman’s sweater and yellow raincoat, is ready to escape from the stress of city life and the recent sting of a failed attempt at IVF for a boating break in the Scottish...

Mondo Bava, A Near Complete Retrospective of Italian Horror Maestro Mario Bava and KILL, BABY...KILL! in 2K!

The restored version is just beautiful to look at. Colors pop, film grains are preserved in the shadows and blemishes on the negatives are all cleaned up. The restoration makes the film truly the most gorgeous and elegant among all of Bava's films.

Now on Blu-ray: ALL THE COLOURS OF THE DARK Shines In HD From Shameless Films

Jane is a tragedy magnet. Plagued by the murder of her mother in her childhood and the recent loss of her unborn child in a car accident, Jane is beset by trippy nightmares that seem to foretell her own impending...

Review: Bertrand Tavernier's MY JOURNEY THROUGH FRENCH CINEMA Proves to Be an Invaluable Resource Guide

Obviously My Journey Through French Cinema is a lot to take in one sitting. It's also a goldmine for any cinephiles as an invaluable resource guide. Tavernier is doing us a great service here through his experience as a cinephile and a filmmaker. I am eager to check out more films that are featured in this documentary for years to come.

Review: THE ORNITHOLOGIST, A Wildly Imaginative, Absurdist Queer Cinema

The increasing absurdity, punctuated by beautiful images of nature, this leisurely paced film is an intoxicating mix of madcap imagination and sensory cinematic experience that is truly hard to forget. It would make a great threesome with Christophe Honoré's Metamorphoses and Alain Giuradie's Staying Vertical as examples of recent playful, eccentric and adventurous queer cinema at its best.

Review: LOST IN PARIS, Somewhere Between Whimsy, Winsome and Wonderful

The latest collaboration between Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon is a delicate, breezy and entirely endearing comic tale of love and kinship. Herewith I will admit to my shameful, total ignorance of the couple's previous features, L'iceberg (2005), Rumba (2008)...

Review: MOKA, a Subtle Revenge Thriller on the Shores of Lake Geneva

Moka is a well acted, low-key but impactful revenge thriller for the fans of neo-noir.

Review: SAMI BLOOD, An Eye-Opening and Disquieting Tale

I doubt there is a country in the world that doesn't have (or has had) an indigenous population, and a population that has been sevrely mistreated, either by genocide, the confiscation of lands, exposure to disease, or forced assimilation. In...

Cannes 2017 Review: FACES PLACES, A Delightful and Poignant Capture of Working Life

The Grand Dame of French cinema, Agnès Varda's work has ranged from the New Wave in Cleo from 5 to 7, to feminism and friendship in One Sings, The Other Doesn't, to documenting the life of the poor in The...

Hot Docs 2017 Review: HOBBYHORSE REVOLUTION Revels in the Intensity of Youth

Dressage, in equestrian terms, is the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance. It factors significantly into Selma Vilhunen's documentary on the most curious of Finland subcultures, one involving hobbyhorses and (mostly)...


I have a particular fondness for movies set on trains or in railyards, and also for documentaries about labour. Thus, it should come as no surprise, that Martin DiCicco's All That Passes By Through A Window That Doesn't Open caught...

Hot Docs 2017 Review: THE ROAD MOVIE, Chaos Reigns On Russian Byways

If you have spent any time lost in the YouTube wormhole, you have probably seen some of the crazy car accident footage that has been uploaded and archived by witnesses, usually from cheap cameras mounted at the front windshield of...

Imagine 2017 Review: MOLLY Wins You Over With Perseverance And Ingenuity

Dutch science fiction films are few and far between, so when the Imagine Film Festival announced the world premiere of Molly, I was intrigued to say the least. And indeed, Colinda Bongers and Thijs Meuwese have managed to create a...

Now on Blu-ray: THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS is a Fresh Take on the Undead

Director Colm McCarthy's The Girl With All the Gifts is one of the best zombie films ever made, and this Blu-ray release from Lionsgate is a solid treatment for this relatively low-budget marvel. The zombie film has become one of...