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Interview: Daniel Radcliffe Talks BEAST OF BURDEN and the Need for Creative Risk-taking

The post-Harry Potter career of Daniel Radcliffe remains in full swing and has been an interesting ride filled with surprising project choices. His latest indie, Beast of Burden, a drama disguised as a thriller, sees him collaborating with arthouse-oriented Swedish...

THE ALIENIST Interview: Daniel Brühl Talks 19th-Century Psychology And Classic Crime Fiction

The Spanish-born German actor Daniel Brühl is the star of The Alienist, the new period drama based on the homonymous book by Caleb Carr. Brühl, who is best known for Good Bye Lenin!, Inglourious Basterds, Rush, Captain America: Civil War...

Interview: LOOKING GLASS Director Tim Hunter on His Slow Burn Neon Noir

In the opening sequence of Looking Glass, we see a couple (played by Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney) on a road trip towards their attempt to build a new life, after their daughter tragically passed away due to an accident...

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: "Out-of-the-Norm Family Was an Important Part of Our Story" Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra Discuss Heart-Warming Fantasy Horror Musical GOOD MANNERS

"We're aware of the so-called "elevated genre" discussion, but we always treated this aspect of the film with love, and not as an opposition of regular drama" Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra on Good Manners

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: WILD BOYS, Bertrand Mandico on Shooting Gender-Bending Surreal Film

"I create hybrids, sexual and cinematic" French filmmaker talks to ScreenAnarchy about his daring feature debut Wild Boys

THE UNTAMED Interview: Amat Escalante On His Best Film Yet

The Untamed (aka La región salvaje) is arguably Amat Escalante’s greatest film yet. After dealing with the Mexican drug trade in Heli, Escalante returned with another social drama set in Guanajuato, his hometown. This time, though, there’s a fantastic element...

ACCIDENT MAN Interview: Scott Adkins Makes His Passion Project

There's something quintessentially British about Mike Fallon, the high-class hitman at the center of Pat Mills' original Accident Man comic series from the early 90's. Orderly, deliberate and vicious, the character is like Jame Bond's sociopathic brother that everyone figures...

Sundance 2018 Interview: Rory Culkin, Sky Ferreira, Jack Kilmer, Director, Jonas Åkerlund, Producer, Danny Gabai, Talk LORDS OF CHAOS

There may be as many Mayhem fans anticipating the release of Jonas Åkerlund's Lords of Chaos, as there are devotees dreading the film. It may come as a total surprise to some to learn that there even exists such a...

Sundance 2018 Interview: David Wain Beautifully Dreams A FUTILE AND STUPID GESTURE

[David Wain at Sundance 2018. Photo credit: copyright 2018 Zach Gayne.] The biopic or docudrama is one of the most fascinating, if not tickling, film genres. Unlike most other genres, whether a biopic succeeds with flying colors in capturing, or...

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: 3/4, Filmmaker Ilian Metev on the Unseen Script and More

Bulgarian filmmaker Ilian Metev talks to ScreenAnarchy about his latest award-winning film 3/4.

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: Lisa Brűhlmann Talks Female Sexuality, Identity and Storytelling in BLUE MY MIND

Emerging Swiss filmmaker Lisa Brűhlmann discusses her feature debut, coming-of-age drama Blue My Mind combining harsh reality and myth

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: Ian Lagarde Talks ALL YOU CAN EAT BUDDHA

ScreenAnarchy talks to Canadian filmmaker Ian Lagarde about his surreal allegory set in all-inclusive tropical resort All You Can Eat Buddha

MOM AND DAD Interview: Brian Taylor Talks Working Again With Nicolas Cage

After working together with Mark Neveldine in Crank and its sequel, Gamer and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Brian Taylor is back with his first solo effort: Mom and Dad starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair. For the first time,...

Interview: Ziad Doueiri on THE INSULT, Trump's Tweets and Greatness of TRAIN TO BUSAN

Ziad Doueiri, whose Hollywood credentials include being a cameraman for most of Quentin Tarantino's earlier films (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown), has made several films in his native Lebanon (West Beirut, The Attack, Lila Says). With his new...

MAYHEM Interview: Director Joe Lynch Talks the Horror of Corporate Life

In Mayhem, now available on Blu-ray and DVD, Steven Yeun is Derek Cho, a character that many people will easily relate to. Derek was a good-hearted layer until he started working for a big corporate firm; after a few months...

GOOK Interview: Producer James Yi Talks Acting, Logistics and That Surprising Title

Recently I had the chance to talk with producer James Yi, speaking on behalf of and with director/writer/actor Justin Chon on their feature film, Gook. After premiering at Sundance (winning the NEXT award), the film won Best Feature, Best Director...

WORMWOOD Interview: Christian Camargo on Errol Morris' Netflix Series

Wormwood, all new 6-part Netflix series created by master documentarian Errol Morris, streams and also gets a limited release in theaters as a 240-minute film on December 15. Morris, known for his unique style and journalistic candor in finding the...

ALONG FOR THE RIDE Interview: Nick Ebeling Talks Dennis Hopper

Watching the documentary, The American Dreamer, in the year of its completion, 1971, would’ve made for a very different experience than watching it today. In its day, the film depicted only what it captured; an American artist given free reign...

Interview: JUSTICE LEAGUE's Ray Fisher On Becoming Cyborg

What do you if your acting debut is as one of the legendary characters in a long-awaited superhero series? If you are rising star, Ray Fisher, you handle your appearance as Cyborg in director Zack Snyder’s Justice League with coolness...

Pingyao 2017 Interview: Festival Director Marco Muller Talks Inaugural Edition, Chinese Cinema, Censorship

Veteran festival director Marco Muller sat down with ScreenAnarchy for a behind-the-scenes chat about this year´s inaugural edition of Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival