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Frontières at Fantasia 2018: Second Wave of Titles, Arctic Chills And Created By Women

As July approaches the Screen Anarchy team is counting down the days until the arrival of the Fantasia International Film Festival. Select memebers of the team will be in Montreal to cover the tenth edition of the Frontieres Co-Production Film...

Oak Cliff 2018 Review: I AM NOT A WITCH, A Superb Film From A Prodigious New Talent

A young girl, unremarkable in any way, is walking down a path in rural Zambia. Suddenly, a woman walking ahead of her carrying a large bucket or water falls to the ground, losing her load. As the fallen woman looks...

Review: THE NIGHT OF THE VIRGIN Drags On, Then Barely Delivers As WTF Genre Cinema

Roberto San Sebastián’s The Night of the Virgin (aka La noche del virgen) is one of those genre films that, since early on, you know it’ll be all about the execution of its climax. The basic setting goes like this:...

Blu-ray Review: A Double Dose of Cristian Mungiu's New Romanian Cinema Comes to the Criterion Collection

The Criterion Collection works its way through both a long list of canon classics from the history of film, and a parallel track of what it considers to be the most important voices in world cinema today. This gives us...

The Director of Controversial EX-DRUMMER Has New Feature ANGEL

Flemish director Koen Mortier who dazzled the viewers with radical Ex-Drummer finished new feature, Angel

Pretty Packaging: That Gorgeous STAND-ALONE COMPLEX Boxset Is Back, But Bigger And English-friendly

If you see the pictures in this article and think you've seen them before, you may be right about most of them. Last year, the French branch of distributor All The Anime released an absolutely kick-ass Blu-ray boxset of the...

London Indian Film Festival 2018 Review: WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY Takes A Hard Look At A Clash Of Cultures

Director Iram Haq's What Will People Say is a powerful experience that has the potential to ruffle feathers on each side of the argument regarding the responsibilities of immigrants to assimilate into their adopted cultures. An Norwegian-Pakistani woman, here Haq...

Fantaspoa 2018: Award Winners And New Distribution Arm Cap Off Festival

Now that the fourteenth edition of the Fantaspoa Film Festival has wrapped up and the Cachaça hangovers have subsided we have time to reflect on this year’s festival and celebrate the award winners.    By all accounts, speaking to those...

La Rochelle 2018 Trailer: French Absurdist Quentin Dupieux Returns With Black Comedy AU POSTE!

The cult filmmaker is back in the absurdist saddle with a meta-trailer for his upcoming feature.

Blu-ray Review: KING OF HEARTS, Still a Compelling Portrait of Madness

If you view them as mentally ill, you won’t enjoy yourself too much. Not in this day and age. And rightfully so. I’m referring to the residents, central to Phlippe De Broca’s antiwar farce King of Hearts, of the French...

Locarno 2018: Bruno Dumont's LI'L QUINQUIN Season 2, COINCOIN AND THE EXTRA HUMANS, to Debut at Swiss Festival

Watch the trailer for Bruno Dumont's sequel miniseries.

Crowdfund This! THE DREAM EATER, A Psychotronic Short from Antoni Maiovvi

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction here at ScreenAnarchy than championing the master filmmakers of tomorrow, the unsung artists and heroes whose work is still finding its way into the public consciousness.    The Dream Eater, as our headline reads, is...

Pretty Packaging: The WOLF'S RAIN Ultimate Edition Is Good Enough To Howl About

When Scotland-based distributor Anime Limited announces a new ultimate edition, I tend to take notice. So far, the company has displayed great taste in picking up titles old and new, and previous ultimate editions have been pretty grand. Their newest...

Neuchatel 2018: Shining a Spotlight on Swiss Fantasy

As the 6th July opening of the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival fast approaches, the festival continues to announce additions to its already promising programme. Shining a spotlight on local productions with an eye on finding a new generation of...

Sitges Festival 2018 To Celebrate 2001, Frankenstein, Pam Grier, Peter Weir, and More!

The countdown has begun for our favourite European genre film festival (and my personal favourite film festival in the world), the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. A mere four months less a day away, the first announcement of...

The Beautiful Game Takes A Dark Turn In CATACOMBE

It was back in 2011 that a tiny budget Dutch indie released that may very well prove to be the launching point of a pair of the more significant talents not only out of the Netherlands but the entire new...

Sound Over Colour In Luca Guadagnino's SUSPIRIA Teaser

Here is your first full look at the long promised remake of the (arguably) most notable film in Italy's Giallo period -- Dario Argento's technicolor logic-defying nightmare, Suspiria. As most of the regular Screen Anarchy readers probably know already, the...

Review: HAPPY AS LAZZARO, Fable and Lyrical Social Drama Collide in Magical Neorealism

Alice Rohrwacher's latest feature smoothly merges the tradition of neorealism and magical realism in a socially conscious modern fable doubling as drama.

Pretty Packaging: The French Collectors' Edition of SHERLOCK HOUND

The films of legendary anime creator Miyazaki Hayao get plenty of attention, and rightly so. The man is one of the few true cinema geniuses the world has, and even better: he's still alive and creating a new film. Rejoice!...

Cannes 2018 Review: DOGMAN, Homo Homini Canis

Matteo Garrone's latest feature-length effort sees a harmless man being pushed to extremes.