Toronto 2017 Review: NINA, A Child's Story For Adult Audiences

Juraj Lehotský´s drama Nina marries Dardenian vérité style to child´s unsterile POV amid a divorce proceedings with a pinch of Hanekenian social horror.

Venice 2017 Review: UNDER THE TREE, Reason Eclipsed in Dark Icelandic Social Satire

Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson third feature, a social satire Under the Tree, aptly embodies the present times when primal urges emerge coagulating the state of civilization into homo homini lupus-type of society when populism and other forms of extremism cast thick shadows over reason.

Locarno 2017 Review: DRAGONFLY EYES Experiment Fabricates Narrative Out of Authentic Found Footage

The feature debut by Chinese artist Xu Bing, Dragonfly Eyes, carved out ot 10 000 of authentic and freely-circulated found footage possess equal degree of being disturbing as being fascinating contributing to the advancing aesthetics of post-humanism.

Locarno 2017 Review: 9 FINGERS Turns Noir into Expressionism, Delusional Ramblings Into Existential Poetry and Vice Versa

In an amalgam of different styles governed by punk's no holds barred attitude, French underground filmmaker manifests sensibility for the history of cinema and unlikely pairings

Locarno 2017 Review: MRS. FANG Waits for Death in Wang Bing's Contemplative, Uneasy Offering

The chronicler and filmmaker Wang Bing introduces yet another invaluable volume into the annals of contemporary Chinese society notwhistanding the great matter of death grasped with dignity albeit without compromising its importance.

Locarno 2017 Review: In WINTER BROTHERS, "Being Loved and Fucked" Is the Axiom

The feature-lenght and idiosyncratic debut by Icelandinc emerging talent Hlynur Pálmason probes the crevasses of male psyche in melancholic Nordic psychological drama

Locarno 2017 Awards: MRS. FANG, THE FIRST LAP, Isabelle Huppert

Unflinching Chinese documentary, lycanthropic fairy-tale for adults, female spin on Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde amongst awarded oeuvres

Locarno 2017 Review: METEORS Exhibits A Poetic Side of Docu-Fiction Hybrids

Turkish filmmaker Gürcan Keltek introduces his first feature-length film Meteors living a double life as a documentary and fiction film while preserving the urgency of its message in both instances

Locarno 2017 Review: SCARY MOTHER, A Fever Dream of Emancipation

A bold feature debut by emerging Georgian filmmaker Ana Urushadze putting an original yet bleak spin on the process of emancipation

Locarno 2017 Interview: A CAMPAIGN OF THEIR OWN Is "A Film Against Cynicism," Says Director Lionel Rupp

Swiss filmmaker Lionel Rupp and producer Michael David Mitchell followed the campaign of Bernie Sanders during the last U.S. election, fascinated by the people's movement behind the Democratic Party candidate. A Campaign of Their Own does not serve as an...

Locarno 2017 Review: DAMNED SUMMER, Shoestring-Budget Filmmaking at Its Most Earnest

Emerging Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Cabeleira introduces his feature debut Damned Summer revolving around youth mired in hedonism, psychedelia and poor future prospects in an example of shoestring-budget filmmaking

Locarno 2017 Review: FREEDOM Examines Internal Dramas in a Raw Docu-Like Coating

Jan Speckenbach sophomore feature Freedom observes modern life, its complexities, ambiguities and a person´s tumultuous struggle with herself and himself with clinical realism and naturalistic visualism

Santiago 2017 Preview: Chilean Cinema, Yoko Ono and European Invasion in Santiago

The 13th Santiago International Film festival, introduces more than a hundred international and domestic productions at the Chilean gathering.

Review: In SKOKAN, Czech Director Petr Václav Seals His Filmmaking Versatility

Czech helmer Petr Václav pushes the envelope of his filmmaking in an uplifting road movie with universal message

The Feast of the Leopard: Locarno Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Upcoming edition of Locarno Film Festival will introduce the latest arthouse films from world cinema

Review: In ENDLESS POETRY, Alejandro Jodorowsky Continues to Amaze

Chilean born Alejandro Jodorowsky can be called many things: Mystic, sage, tarot master, director, screenwriter, actor, mime, graphic novel scribe, healer, philosopher, novelist, playwright, spiritual guru. All that and more could fit on his resume... if he was a man...

Review: LITTLE HARBOUR Docks Coming-of-Age Adventure and Psychological Portrait

Iveta Grófová´s sophomore feature Little Harbour offers coming-of-age adventure for children and psychological drama for their parents

New VOD Platform Filmatique Curates Cinema That Should Not Go Unnoticed

New VOD service Filmatique brings relevant world cinema to US audience

Rotterdam 2017 Interview: Lukas V. Rinner Talks A DECENT WOMAN "It Could Easily Happen That You Pass By An Orgy While Working"

Lukas Valenta Rinner reveals more about his sophomore feature A Decent Woman

Berlinale 2017 Review: THE ERLPRINCE, The Polish Donnie Darko of Coming of Age Dramas

Emerging Polish director Kuba Czekaj demonstrates genre acrobatics in melancholic coming-of-age The Erlprince