Tribeca 2018 Poster Debut: Nathan Silver's THE GREAT PRETENDER Will Make You Believe

If you are a long time reader of these here pages, then you may very well already be aware of my love for the cinematic works of Nathan Silver. Working under the mode of roughly a movie a year, Silver...

Screen Anarchists On READY PLAYER ONE

Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One is the legendary director's highest-grossing film in over a decade, and audience reception worldwide is pretty kind towards it. Many critics like the film as well, and some herald it as a return to...

Crowdfund This: 2 WEEKS Uses Genre to Explore Asexuality

As cinema continues to be at the forefront of expression and representation in our ever deepening understanding of the nuances and touchstones of humanity's beautifully complex sexual cycles, one area that has rarely been looked at in storytelling is that...

Sundance 2018 Review: MADELINE'S MADELINE Dances in the Delight and Dread of the Feminine Intuitive

Madeline's Madeline is what we mean when we talk about authentic cinema; pure cinema, brimming over with euphoria and empathy and a direct perspective of a human, both inside and out, mental and physical, that feels so complete as to be dizzying. revelatory

Sundance 2018 Review: WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? Celebrates a True Compassionate Radical

Deftly weaving a bounty of marvelous archival footage spanning over 40 years, with a sprinkling of talking head interviews with Mister Rogers' cast and crew, as well as his wife Joanne and sons John and James, Oscar-winner Morgan Neville crafts a gentle and enduring chronicle of one of 20th century America's most compassionate radicals.