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Slamdance 2017: WEXFORD PLAZA, A Small Slice Of Real Life

Wexford Plaza plays out its story on a small and intimate scale, a picture of suburban life which probably repeats itself in many an abandoned strip mall. Joyce Wong didn't feel the need to go big, and this affecting little slice of life is all the better for it.

Slamdance 2017 Review: CORTEZ, A Quietly Affecting and Beautifully Acted Debut

It's not easy to find cinema that transports the viewer into a place filled with people who genuinely seem to have existed before the film begins and long after it rolls credits. Cortez offers just that.

Slamdance 2017: Watch The Trailer For The Demon Yakuza Short Film, HELL FOLLOWS

As the Slamdance Film Festival draws closer it is time to give everyone a taste of the madness that it is about to fall upon the audiences when they watch Brian Harrison's short film Hell Follows. Here is the trailer...

Slamdance 2017 Preview: ScreenAnarchy's Top Picks

Touted as the festival "for filmmakers by filmmakers", the 23rd Annual Slamdance Film Festical kicks off Friday Jaunary 20th at the Treasure Mountain Inn in Park City, Utah. A stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle of Sundance, Slamdance...

Slamdance 2017: Introducing Filmmaker Brian Harrison And His Short Film HELL FOLLOWS

As 2017 begins the first important film festival for emerging filmmakers kicks off in Park City, Utah, at the end of the month. Running counter to the bigger named festival, Slamdance`s mandate has always been to support up and coming...

Slamdance 2017 Unveils Final Films

The Slamdance Film Festival is gaining ground for its 23rd edition in Park City, Utah, running from January 20 through 26. Last week, we gave word on the Narrative and Documentary Competition slate. Today, we have news of their final batch of films, which includes the Beyond Program for 2nd and 3rd time directors, a plethora of Short Films and their Special Screenings.