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A GIRL IS A GUN Trailer: Denise Richards Leads Feminist Grindhouse Series

There's a new streaming upstart in town called Blackpills USA. Originally a digital media firm that produced shortform video for millennials, the service is now available in the U.S. through Apple's App Store and Google Play. Blackpills are launching a...

Review: THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER, Strange, Cold and Horrifying

Human beings can be kind, generous, and loving. But they can also be self-indulgent, vicious, and cruel. We all want to believe that, under certain circumstances, we would sacrifice and fight for the lives of our loved ones. But would...

BALANGIGA: HOWLING WILDERNESS Teases a Boy, Bloody Bodies and a Burning Hillside

One night, a young boy wanders around a burning hillside, bloody dead bodies everywhere. He's looking for something ... This is a teaser for Balangiga: Howling Wilderness, the latest from Filipino filmmaker Khavn de la Cruz. It will have its...

Exclusive Trailer: WITHOUT, One of the Best Debuts of the Decade

In the world of indie film, Mark Jackson's debut feature, Without, is that rare breed: it is a work that truly came out of nowhere, was made for no money, then gained great esteem from festivals and critics all over...

Warsaw 2017 Review: SO HELP ME GOD, a Wild True/False Search for Justice

Perplexing stranger-than-fiction pic So Help Me God captures the formalist zeitgeist in a highly watchable outcome

AFTER THE LETHARGY: Get A Taste Of Marc Carrete's Upcoming Chiller

Asmodexia director Marc Carrete returned to the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival this year with a little something new for audiences craving high end scares. Presented as part of the Pitchbox program, Carrete shared a proof of concept trailer for...

EL AVISO: Taut First Teaser Arrives For Spanish Thriller

Veteran director Daniel Calparsoro returns to screens soon with El Aviso, and based on the freshly released teaser we've got a taut, slick thriller to look forward to. Ten-year-old Nico receives a threatening letter and now his life is in...

ATERRADOS (TERRIFIED): Watch The Trailer For Demian Rugna's Paranormal Shocker

Demian Rugna's paranormal shocker Aterrados (Terrified) from Argentina will have its world premiere at Morbido in a couple weeks. Yesterday, Rugna quietly released a trailer the other day without letting us know, shame on him. So here it is now. ...

OPERATION RED SEA: Dante Lam Sends The Chinese Army To Yemen In Latest Action Flick

Hong Kong based action maestro Dante Lam is headed to the middle east with Operation Red Sea, a film loosely based on the Chinese evacuation of nearly 600 Chinese citizens and 225 foreign nationals from the port city of Aden...

Trailer Time: AVAL Wants To Take Tamil Terror To The Next Level

The first trailer for new Tamil language horror film Aval (The House Next Door) is out and it looks very solid. Tamil Nadu has been the center of a recent Indian horror boom for about the last decade, and while...

RADIUS Trailer: Stay Away From This Canadian Thriller!

A trailer has quietly premiered for Canadian sci-fi thriller Radius from co-directors Caroline Labrèche and Steeve Léonard. In the film, a man wakes from a car accident to discover anyone who comes within 50 feet of him dies instantly. Radius...

Morbido 2017: Full Lineup Announced, Guests in Attendance

The tenth anniversary of the Mobido Film Festival runs from Oct 26th to Nov 5th in the heart of Mexico City. Today the festival is announcing their lineup of devilish delights.    Some members of the Morbido international familia return to...

San Sebastian 2017 Review: SOLLERS POINT, Baltimore's Cinematic Response to Ulysses

The Baltimore indie helmer Matt Porterfield forges fatalistic drama of an one-in-a-million existence molded by the circumstances of its purlieu in his fourth feature Sollers Point.

New York 2017 Review: LET THE SUN SHINE IN, Claire Denis Goes Hong Sang-soo

I think Claire Denis has been hanging out with Hong Sang-soo a little too much because I never expected her to do a wordy romantic comedy! And the result is delightful! It boasts the best rolling end credit of any movie ever.

Young Love Turns POSESIF In Edwin's Latest

Having won international acclaim with his arthouse features Blind Pig Who Wants To Fly and Postcards From The Zoo, single-named Indonesian auteur Edwin takes a turn to more commercially oriented cinema with his upcoming teen drama Posesif. A story of...

New York 2017 Review: THE OTHER SIDE OF HOPE, Syrian Refugee Crisis, Aki Kaurismaki Style

Extremely silly and endlessly charming, The Other Side of Hope reminds us that the complicated world we are living in doesn't need to be complicated. Through the Kaurismakian glass, the world is filled with decent people and it remains a hopeful place as long as people help each other out.

Review: DISAPPEARANCE Pits the Younger Generation Against Tehran Traditions and Prejudice

The young Iranina helmer Ali Asgari depicts the conflict of young generation with traditions veiled as coming-of-age doubling as a mild social thriller

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE: De La Iglesia Stunt Supervisor Delivers Big Action Comedy In Directing Debut

Federico Cueva may be making his directorial debut with upcoming action comedy You Only Live Once (Solo Se Vive Una Vez) but he is no stranger to the industry. A highly in demand vfx and stunt coordinator for more than...

Action Thriller THE EVIL THAT MEN DO: Trailer and Poster Premiere

We are pleased to present the trailer and poster premiere for The Evil That Men Do, an action thriller that looks bruising. Fans of 1980s films should note that this Evil is not connected in any way to the film...

Razor Reel 2017: Flanders Film Festival Lineup Includes MAYHEM, LOWLIFE And HOUNDS OF LOVE

It warms the blood to know that all around the World that there is no shortage of genre fare heading in to the Halloween season. Across Europe the number of genre festivals is staggering as all peoples in all regions...