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New York 2014: ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA And The Importance of Preservation

Post-production wiz, Walter Murch, in his book, In The Blink of An Eye, devotes a chapter to what he refers to as a film's DNA. He essentially says that a film can only be what it was meant to be,...

NYFF 2012 Preview: Twitch Raises The Curtain With 14 Capsule Reviews

Boys and girls, here we are, the opening day of the 50th New York Film Festival. If you venture out to Lincoln Center tonight, expect bedlam as Ang Lee's 3D adaptation for the Life Of Pi has its world premiere,...

NYFF 2012 Preview: Classics To Catch

The New York Film Festival does such a stellar job with their so-called "sidebar programming" (see last year's Nikkatsu Studio Retrospective) that if you were to opt out of the main slate entirely, you would still be near-guaranteed to have...