Our Favorite Faces Of Tom Hanks

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Our Favorite Faces Of Tom Hanks
This weekend saw the première of James Ponsoldt's The Circle (read Christopher Bourne's review here), starring Emma Watson and, interestingly, Tom Hanks in one of his less avuncular roles. Two years ago we did a quiz on him and at the time, I wrote:

Tom Hanks may be the most dependable actor of our lifetime. Never too butch or too handsome, he's the perfect example of a "regular Joe", which makes it almost ridiculously easy to identify with him, or root for him, especially when his characters are meant to be sympathetic.

That's not to say he's never done villains or slapstick though, and it speaks volumes of his versatility that at different stages of his acting career he was pegged (typecast even) as a "comedy guy", as a "romantic lead", and as a "dramatic powerhouse", with blockbuster successes in each of those categories.
These words still ring true today, so he's our actor of the week.
What is your favorite performance by him? Was it in a good film or a bad one? Was he funny, scary or sympathetic? Chime in, in the comments below!

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the hong Kong cavaliersMay 1, 2017 2:20 PM

So many to choose from ...
That scene in the burbs come to mind where he chokes on a sardines that classic hank . But if I would choose it would be Philadelphia. ..
Just because it made me love a movie that I had no interest in seeing in the first place .

Ard VijnMay 1, 2017 6:03 PM

Hanks going completely crazy when the bathtub drops a floor in THE MONEY PIT is gold. But yeah, in PHILADELPHIA the bastard managed to make me cry, no mean feat at that time in my life...

Philip ShawMay 2, 2017 1:26 AM

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