First Look: LOOPER Launches TIFF In Style

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First Look: LOOPER Launches TIFF In Style

The much anticipated big(ger) budget feature by Rian Johnson will slam into Toronto next week. After the likes of a U2 Documentary and the National embarrassment that was Score: The Hockey Musical, TIFF organizers have set what's likely to be one of the best films of the entire festival as their opening Gala.

Full reviews will launch on September 8th, but for now be pleased to know that the film surpasses even elevated expectations. Joseph Gordon Levitt continues his string of impeccable choice of roles, and Bruce Willis hasn't been this great in almost a decade. This Twelve Monkeys/La Jetée meets The Terminator via The Shining is an absolute joy to watch, with the filmmakers at every turn showing how in control of their material they are.

Accessible to a general audience while still having moments that will warm any film geek's heart, this is the kind of genre film that elevates the form. With feigned effortlessness, the filmmakers have managed to mess around with a pile of tired tropes and clichés, coming out in the end with something that feels entirely new and fresh.

Quite simply, Looper does for high concept time traveling flicks what Raiders of the Lost Ark did for Action/Adventure serials.

It's not to be missed.

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