Want to Chat with LOOPER's Writer and Director Rian Johnson? Here's Your Chance.

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Want to Chat with LOOPER's Writer and Director Rian Johnson? Here's Your Chance.

Don't ScreenAnarchy that dial - we have an important message for you. Tomorrow, Monday December 17, at 8pm EST / 5pm PST, I will be moderating a live Q&A with the brilliant mind behind Looper, Rian Johnson. What's in it for you, my dear reader? Well, I am going to tell you.

The live chat is being hosted on SpreecastEXTRATV has a really great article about it, which you can read HERE, but you'll want to head over and bookmark Spreecast for the actual event. There you can RSVP for a spot for the Q&A. RSVPing means you may get a chance to ask your questions to Rian via your webcam for the whole world to see (no pressure). You can also submit all the questions you have for him and I will ask them out loud and give you a shout out. All I ask is that you don't ask him where he buys his jeans because that's my burning question (the man has great jeans). We realize there will be a lot of awesome questions flowing in, so we're going to do our best to get them all answered in the time we're allotted. Rian is doing this for all of you, the fans, so have fun with this, join us, and tell all of your friends to come and play.  

Looper is traveling to Blu-ray and DVD on December 31st. Can't wait that long? You can get the film on digital download this Friday (12/21) on iTunes. Broke from buying a bunch of Christmas gifts? Enter my contest HERE, where I'm giving away some Blu-ray copies and slick pocket watches just like the one Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears in the film. Also, look out for ScreenAnarchy's same giveaway very, very soon. It's Christmas and we are ready to party.

See you on the Internet tomorrow!

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Who did the farm house hanging art paintings?