I KILL GIANTS: First Images From The Graphic Novel Adaptation

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I KILL GIANTS: First Images From The Graphic Novel Adaptation
A trio of images from Anders Walters' I Kill Giants, an adaptation of the graphic novel by Joe Kelly, dropped yesterday. No time like the present to have a look at Zoe Salanda as school psychologist Mrs. Mollé and Madison Wolfe as the central character in the story, Barbara. 
As stated, Wolfe plays Barbara, a young girl who battles real and imaginary monsters in her life. When I heard that I Kill Giants was going to be adapted I immediately bought the graphic novel. And while Wolfe may not match the slenderness of J.M. Ken Niimura's character design I really do like what is going on here. 
The film is currently in post and sales company XYZ Films is shopping the film at Marche du Film in Cannes, showing footage to potential buyers. I saw some unfinished footage a while back and though I was a little downcast that there was no hint of 'the bedroom' in it (if you know do not say a word, but you would understand why that room is so important to the story) even the unfinished material looked great. 
(ScreenAnarchy Founder and Editor Todd Brown is Head of International Acquisitions for XYZ Films. He had no input or influence on the writing of this article.)
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  • Finnfangfoom

    I've been in love with the Graphic Novel since I first read it in 2009. A beautiful hardcover collection graces my bookshelf. The heartfelt story made me reach for the tissue box. ( No! Not in THAT way, you perverts! ) I heard about it being adapted a while ago, but since every Graphic Novel is allegedly being adapted I forgot about it. Glad to see it really happened. Casting looks great!

  • ManateeAdvocate

    Cool comic. I had NO idea that it was being adapted into a film.

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