Catch First Glimpse Of Victor Vu's Thriller A VENGEFUL HEART

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Catch First Glimpse Of Victor Vu's Thriller A VENGEFUL HEART
Wrapping up principal photography on August 28, the latest thriller flick of Victor Vu titled A Vengeful Heart released behind-the-scenes footage today, showing how a good thriller looks. The production design looks both haunting and beautiful, the location set is fitting the atmosphere of the story, the make-up looks real and the actors looks like they're really into their characters.

A Vengeful Heart tells the story of a bridegroom who escorts his new wife to Da Lat resort after heart transplant surgery. But the new heart in her chest is cursed, causing the ghost of a strange young girl to appear, which leads the couple into a frightening nightmare.

A Vengeful Heart will have a theatrical release on December 18. And while another proper teaser trailer will be out next week, check out the first footage below:
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