Victor Vu's VENGEFUL HEART Becomes Vietnam's Highest-Grossing Film Ever

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Victor Vu's VENGEFUL HEART Becomes Vietnam's Highest-Grossing Film Ever
After just 3 days on release, Vengeful Heart (Quả Tim Máu) has broken many cinema records in Vietnam. Taking VND24 billion (US$1.14 million), equivalent to 300 thousand moviegoers, the latest thriller of Victor Vu has become the highest-grossing movie of all time in Vietnam, smashing records made by Amercian blockbusters like Avatar, Iron Man 2 and even Charlie Nguyen's Young Teo.

The records that Vengeful Heart has broken in Vietnam are:

1. Biggest opening of all time: VND10 billion (US$470,000) on the first day, equivalent to more than 100,000 viewers.
2. Biggest weekend of all time: VND24 billion (US$1.4 million) after 3 days. With this astonishing result, Vengeful Heart becomes the fastest film to surpass the US$1 million milestone in Vietnam.
3. Biggest screening number: 721 screenings/1 day.
4. Top movie theaters: 157 theatres/ 1 day

The cast of Vengeful Heart was very surprised. Director Victor Vu said: "At first, when the information came, I couldn't believe my eyes and thought they had sent the wrong number. This number is really impressive, because I did not expect the audience to receive this movie so warmly. I would like to thank audiences for supporting this film."

Vengeful Heart is directed by Victor Vu, and stars Thai Hoa, Nha Phuong, Hoang Bach, Quy Binh, Tu Vi, Kim Xuan. It's still being screened widely in cinemas all over the country. 

Watch the trailer below:
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