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It was all the way back in May of 2012 when word of an upcoming Japanese tokusatsu film titled Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo (Kyōshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru) was met with great anticipation. And for good reason. Sure, it's another kaiju film with a giant monster destroying Tokyo coming from a country that has already produced lots and lots of those. But it wasn't just another kaiju film.

Take a look at the talent involved. First of all, the short was commissioned by Anno Hideaki, the director of landmark anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and to be directed by Higuchi Shinji, one of Anno's key Evangelion artists. As intriguing as the Eva connection is, however, the real hook lies farther back in Anno's past. All the way back to the beginning, in fact, to the days when Anno cut his teeth as a fledgling animator working under Miyazaki Hayao as a key animator on Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind.

Yes, Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo has a direct Miyazaki connection. Two of them, in fact. First, Miyazaki himself provided the design for the creature. And, second, the short now stands as the first live action work produced directly by Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli. And I suppose there's also the little matter of it being a direct precursor to Nausicaa itself.

But enough rambling on ... originally commissioned for a museum exhibition the complete short is now available online. Watch it below.
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  • yorkg

    Where can you see the film. It has been copyright blocked...what's up?

  • Cedric Chou Ya-Li

    I don't mean to troll or anything, but besides a cool (though in the end overused) kaiju design, what is really so great about this short? I mean, no character, no storytelling, nothing or no one to root for... Or is it just an accepted fact that, if ever Hayao Miyazaki sneezes, whatever will end up in the tissue shall be called genius?!?

  • opalexian

    Check out Nausiica of the Valley of the Wind-the God-Monsters play a very prominent role in the post-apocalyptic manga and anime (and also look ridiculously like Evas-hmmm, Anno, I have my eye on you...)

  • Josh Leitzel

    Step 1: Watch short film
    Step 2: Die of happiness

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Analysis complete.

    Blood type confirmed, pattern blue

  • Mr. Cavin

    I'd sure love to see a supercut of all the times Tokyo Tower has been destroyed by monsters.

  • That would be a loooooooooong video.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    I just saw this (It plays at the beginning of "Evangelion 3.33: You Can(Not) Redo" which is clearly a fucking lie since it's a remake) and it looks amazing. If Pacific Rim or Godzilla look better than that then I'm going to be shocked.

  • That's because they did it entirely with old school optical effects. It's time consuming (and therefore expensive) to do 'em that way but if you get it right the results will be better than CGI every time, in my opinion. Just go back and look at Blade Runner ... the optical effects in that are still absolutely stunning and completely timeless.

  • Macaca

    7 Days Of Fire.

  • redcircle

    This first Kaijyu film produced after Fukushima disaster isn't just a cool, tastefully done apocalyptic tale of Tokyo. This is the reality of the city as we speak.
    The film brings back the the theme from the original Godzilla - Be afraid of nuke and stay afraid.

    Looks like Miyazaki+Anno finally found a way to voice their opinions in the heavily censored society of Japan (especially when it comes to nuke).

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