Blu-ray Review: A Tiny Kaiju Fan Takes On GODZILLA VS. BIOLLANTE!

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Blu-ray Review: A Tiny Kaiju Fan Takes On GODZILLA VS. BIOLLANTE!
I was going to review this one, but I happened to come across a kaiju fan who is far more enthusiastic about the genre than I could ever be. My eight-year-old son, let's call him V Hurtado, wanted to write a report on Godzilla Vs. Biollante after we finished watching it, and I thought it was a great idea. I'll turn over the critique to him and I'll toss a few notes regarding the presentation at the bottom. Enjoy!

Godzilla vs Biollante: This monster movie GODZILLA VS BIOLLANTE is an awesome movie made by Toho LTD. In this movie, a monster named BIOLLANTE attacks Osaka, Japan and the only monster that can stop him is the Kaiju, GODZILLA. From Rose Form to FINAL Form, Biollante (bee-oh-lon-TAE) is so weak. Well, I must give credit for her Poisonous fertilizer breath. Then, Godzilla attacks from so far below that it knocks Biollante out so badly, that some of her petals fell right out into Tokyo Bay and sunk to the bottom. You know, Godzilla = SMASH is not true. How do I know? Godzilla can make destruction anywhere, But is a nuclear stopping fable that eliminates explosives and deadly nuclear fusion. Yes, Yes G wins but I'm not through yet!!!!


I am REALLY not kidding at this joke: A girl says "What did you all dream of?" and EVERY SINGLE KID raises a drawing of Gojira. (Godzilla in Japan) WHAT CAN YOU LEARN FROM A FICTION MOVIE?

Here is a pic of BIOLLANTE: I changed my mind no pics. 
Anyway, some guy named Freddie  comes up later. And he said "Fifjfjh" he cannot talk at all so he then    tried to say "Godzilla ... is ... too... strong..." because people could not understand "Fifjfjh" so that was all clear so no worries anymore about HIM. "BIOLLANTE IS FIGHTING GODZILLAAAAAA! AHHHHHHHHGHHH" said the man, so red.  "Don't let Biollante win!!!!!" said another 98 year old man/woman. BOOM. SMASH. BITE. SHOOM & SPRAY. This was a rough fight. But B lost. So another report comes SOON.


So yeah, what he said.

Seriously, my kid loves kaiju like nobody's business. You can't manufacture that kind of enthusiasm! For what it's worth, I really liked this one, it gave me the Big G fix I was looking for and was made all the better by having shared the experience with my awesome kaiju partner!

The Disc:

Godzilla Vs Biollante comes to us on Blu-ray from budget label Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. They've specialized, so far, mainly in Miramax reissues in HD, Godzilla Vs. Biollante is probably the title I was most excited about, though. The disc appears to be mostly identical to it's Japanese counterpart, including less that perfect contrast, but overall, I was pretty happy with the result. Not many kaiju films have fared well on Blu-ray so far, but this looks much better than Tokyo Shock's Destroy All Monsters Blu-ray from last year. Colors are improved, and fine detail is satisfying though not mind-blowing. Overall a very capable job from Echo Bridge, and a steal at $8.

One of the tricks when getting Big G to HD is dealing with the powers that be at Toho. The studio is notoriously strict about what does and doesn't go on Godzilla products. Echo Bridge managed to finagle the nearly hour long making of feature from the Japanese disc, as well as a 5 minute clip of concept art for the creation of Biollante. The making of is really engrossing, my son and I found ourselves glued to the set watching these technicians work their magic to make Godzilla and his foe come to life. From concept to final product, we get looks at every part of the process in detail including interviews from people who were there and lots of behind the scenes footage. It is a really enjoyable piece.

If you're a Big G fan, Godzilla Vs. Biollante is a solid purchase. Even if you aren't, the film is entertaining enough that I think you may get a kick out of the process and the final product anyway. You don't really need that $8, do you?
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