First Teaser For Sion Sono's THE LAND OF HOPE

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First Teaser For Sion Sono's THE LAND OF HOPE
Surely one of the most prolific and diverse directors in the world today, Japan's Sion Sono is now deep into post production on his latest feature, The Land Of Hope.

While Sono is best known amongst fans of cult film for his more extreme work - Love Exposure, Guilty Of Romance, etc - the director has also been known to turn out some surprisingly heartfelt dramas and this one appears to be much more along those lines, a sort of soothing counterpoint to the raw wound of Himizu which was shot in the midst of - and directly incorporated - last year's massive earthquake disaster.

Once again Sono will address a community struck by an earthquake here but in this case he's choosing to give a more positive message - one of endurance and hope. The first teaser for the film has arrived online, check it below.

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