Newest Trailer For LAND OF HOPE Proves Sion Sono's Got Real Dramatic Chops

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Newest Trailer For LAND OF HOPE Proves Sion Sono's Got Real Dramatic Chops
With Sion Sono's new film, Land of Hope, having its world premiere in a little over a week at the Toronto International Film Festival, it's time for more footage!

This second trailer actually appeared on YouTube at the end of July, but we must have missed it. The previous teaser we'd posted was only 31 seconds, but this time we get an additional minute of footage and dialogue. I really like what I'm seeing here, a definite progression along the lines of Himizu, which I really loved. Here is the synopsis:
In a typical Japanese village, Yoichi Ono lives with his wife, Izumi, and his parents, Yasuhiko and Chieko. The Ono family are dairy farmers who live frugally but happily in the peaceful countryside. One day, and unbelievably huge earthquake occurs. They are forced to seek refuge away from home. However, Yoichi is attached to their lifetime family home, so he is hesitant to leave. Due to his wife's pregnancy, Yoichi must take action to protect his wife, Izumi, as well as their unborn child. That action is supposed to lead them to the land of hope, however..
Not only does this mark the latest Sono film, it also signals the first film from the brand new production wing of Third Window Films, and what a way to start out!

Land of Hope premieres on September 7th at the Toronto International Film Festival, and its domestic Japanese release is set to follow on October 20th.
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