Is Jeremy Renner Headed To MOTOR CITY?

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Is Jeremy Renner Headed To MOTOR CITY?
Director Albert Hughes has not had an easy time casting his upcoming Motor City.

The revenge picture based on a Black List script by Chad St John began moving towards production back in August, shortly after Hughes walked from Akira, with the lead role initially offered to Chris Evans. After they couldn't work it out with Evans it was offered to the up and coming Dominic Cooper, who initially said yes but then had to drop out due to schedule problems. Then it appears that they'd found their man with Jake Gyllenhaal, who also said yes then checked his schedule the next day and said "Whoopsie, that doesn't work for me, either."

So where to next? With a proposed start date looming ScreenAnarchy has learned that an offer is now out to Jeremy Renner and discussions have begun. Renner, though, has made a public play for a major role in the Ridley Scott directed / Cormac McCarthy scripted The Counselor - a part for which he is up against Javier Bardem - and should he land that part he'll be unavailable for the next while with The Counselor commencing production in May.

So, you got that? It's not Evans, Cooper or Gyllenhaal but assuming he loses the part he wants in The Counselor to Javier Bardem, and the rest of his schedule works out, Jeremy Renner may be playing the lead part in Motor City.
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Joe YoungMarch 14, 2012 8:14 PM

Well.....just in case...give Gosling a call....tell him to bring the toothpick, scorpio jacket.....hahhahahhahahh....