BREAKING: Albert Hughes Headed To MOTOR CITY, Chris Evans Offered Lead Role

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BREAKING: Albert Hughes Headed To MOTOR CITY, Chris Evans Offered Lead Role
What's next for Albert Hughes now that he has walked from Akira? Official word at the time was that Warner Brothers were hoping to move Hughes on to another project in house and that is exactly what happened.

Warner Brothers and Hughes are eyeing a January 2012 start date for Motor City. Based on a 2009 Black List script by Chad St John - who made the prestigious Black List twice that year - Motor City is a revenge film about a small time crook who is framed and sent to jail only to go after those who put him there upon release. And get this: Reports from the time Motor City made the Black List say the film contains only a single line of dialogue in the entire script.

The idea of a minimal dialogue script may be exciting but they're hard to mount without a big star in the lead. Remember when the Coen Brothers tried to get their World War II, dialogue free story off the ground with Brad Pitt in the lead? They couldn't do it then and this script has been sitting around for two years, so why is it moving forward now?

Two answers. One, producer Joel Silver wants it to and Silver is pretty much a money making machine. And two, Silver apparently believes Chris Evans now has the star power to pull it off and has offered him the lead part. No word yet if Evans has accepted - Joel Edgerton and Jeremy Renner are being bandied about about possibilities should Evans say no - but it would certainly be an intriguing way to separate himself from the rest of the young leading man pack. But Evans or no Evans, Hughes is solid and this is moving ahead.
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