Crowdfund This: WE R ANIMALS, Because You Need An R-Rated Puppet Film

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Crowdfund This: WE R ANIMALS, Because You Need An R-Rated Puppet Film
Here is something very cool coming out of Sweden, an R-Rated puppet film called We R Animals. The production has just launched a Kickstarter campaign and we are sure that once you see their pitch video and proof of concept trailer that you will want to contribute. 
Filmmaker Thobias Hoffmén has drawn inspiration from some of his favorite films, Gremlins, Meet the Feebles and Labyrinth, and wants to make this passion project that he has had on the back burner since 2010. Now, he has teamed up with David Sandberg from Kung Fury and Academy Award nominated producer Mathias Fjellström, and is hell bent on giving everyone the R-Rated puppet film we always knew we wanted. 
Have a look at the hilarious pitch video and proof of concept trailer below and consider donating to the We R Animals campaign at its Kickstarter page
Ever since we crawled up from the sea, and down from the trees, the gap between man and animal have become bigger and bigger. While humans have gone to the moon and invented smart phones animals are just hopelessly underdeveloped.
Or, is that really the case? We R Animals tells the story of a different reality. They’re not as stupid as they might seem and they’re definitely not as cute and innocent as they appear to be. Being cute is actually something they’ve learned to benefit from since a lot of the ”cute-animal-video-clips” you see on the web are in fact produced by the animals themselves. Much like the porn industry, this is a nasty business where shady animals earn a lot of money on ads and treats their stars like shit. Welcome to the nasty ”cute animals film industry”!
Flash, a seemingly harmless, sphynx cat is one of these cute animal film producers and he has just found his new star, a bunny named Leah. Leah lives an unhappy life at a circus where she’s never experienced any kind of love. Flash decides to kidnap her but nothing goes according to plan and this creates a chain of reactions filled with revenge, murder and mystery.
Leah ends up in the middle of a conflict between Flash and his partners and a gang of vampire bats on a hunt for an emerald that they think possess magical powers.
We R Animals is a movie that mixes humor with action, crime with fantasy and the movies we grew up loving with the movies of today.
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Aaron SwannMay 18, 2017 11:41 AM

Watch Alien: Covenant > IMPAWARADS.US

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