First Look At Nicanor Loreti's 27!

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We've been keeping an eye on Arentinean director Nicanor Loreti for some time and following on the huge local success of his superhero satire Kryptonita he is now in production on his next feature, 27 El Club De Los Malditos.

Diego Capusotto, Sofia Gala, "El Polaco" and Yayo Guridianchor the cast with a story revolving around urban legend and conspiracy theories surrounding the deaths of so many famous rock icons at the age of 27. So, yes, expect to see Jimi Hendrix, Amy Wiehouse, Sid Vicious, Janis Joplin and others to factor in significantly.

With production now under way we've got a first taste for you with the first stills from the shoot. Take a look below!

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