THE RAID Re-imagining Moves Ahead With THE GREY's Joe Carnahan And WINTER SOLDIER's Frank Grillo

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THE RAID Re-imagining Moves Ahead With THE GREY's Joe Carnahan And WINTER SOLDIER's Frank Grillo

Big news for all you Raid fans out there. It looks like the remake - scratch that - re-imagining of The Raid is actually moving ahead now. At the held will be The Grey's Joe Carnahan and taking the lead will be Captain America Winter Soldier's Frank Grillo. They made the announcement via a video on Caranhan's Instagram. See below.

Then Caranhan took to his Twitter account to quell any fears that the devoted fans of the Raid franchise may have about this re-imagining. 

You may commence with the gnashing of teeth, unfounded speculation, unbridled excitement and/or dubious speculation after the video! 

#WarPartyFilms @xyzfilms @frankgrillo1 @ghuwevans. It's going down for real. #theraid

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  • Rage72

    Personally I would have loved if they flipped the whole premise and told the first Raid movie from the bad guys perspective, with most of the focus on them, as they are being invaded by and held under sieged by that crooked Lt and the rest of the swat team. If they did it right, I guarantee some of us would feel sympathy for some of the bad characters.

  • Daniel Paredes

    As a raging-hardcore-hella-fucking-balls-to-the-wall rabid fanboy from hell of the original films I fell like I should be cursing this project yet I fell slightliy hopeful about it, Carnahan isnt the brightest bulb in the tanning bed but has his moments, certain parts of Smokin' Aces were pretty inspired, and Frank Grillo is sorta badass, hopefully this shed some much need enthusiasm towards Gareth Evans and his future projects, a third The Raid included. However, and this a big however the only way for this to work is if they get Meister Yayan Ruhian to reprise his Mad Dog role, there just isnt anyone who could probably pull it off, better yet, get Iko Uwais back, hell bring everyone back, you know what, scratch everything, I'll just pop The Raid on the blu and call it a day!

  • fustercluck

    Doesn't Dredd already exist?

  • Yojimbo

    I would rather see another Dredd film with Karl Urban.
    Such a rich universe to play with.

  • omnisemantic1

    I'd actually love to see it. I thought "The Raid II" was not just a step, but a whole staircase down from the first as essentially nothing in the storytelling department worked.

  • paul evans

    Most Hollywood actors , Producers and Directors have little or no imagination , so they butcher movies that they simply don't get in the first place. Leave Asian movies as they are, they come from the minds of people that see things differently to Hollywood, use your own imagination to do something new and different. There are hundred's of thousands of great short stories , comics and books to present as films, start there.

  • Mangkone

    Bad idea. The Raid was a hit worldwide I really don't see why they would want to remake it. I just want a third part with the same team :).

  • Gopal Natarajan

    Pointless. "The Raid" has such a one-note premise, how can it be 're-imagined' and still be linked to the original film? What would be the point?

  • Ty Collins

    Anything for money......further proof there are no more original ideas for movies out there.

  • DrCakewalk

    Right. But what about the hundreds of original, non-remake movies that are released every single year? What are those proof of?

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