DOCTOR WHO Returns In September, Why Does He Have A Guitar? Check The New Series Trailer Now.

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DOCTOR WHO Returns In September, Why Does He Have A Guitar? Check The New Series Trailer Now.
Peter Capaldi returns as crusty old man Doctor Who in September and he's bringing along Missy and Clara with him according to the brand new trailer for the upcoming ninth series of the classic show. Also, he's showcasing his guitar and love of running awkwardly in stripey pants in a pair of weirdly out of place shots in what is otherwise a pretty compelling bit of work.

There's a mix of familiar faces - both human and otherwise - and new in this, though Capaldi does not seem to have captured viewers' imaginations to nearly the degree that earlier incarnations have. The Boy, for example, is a raging fan of both the David Tennant and Matt Smith incarnations but utterly lost interest in Capaldi just a few episodes in to last season and couldn't be bothered to finish. What say you? Will this have you tuning in? Check the trailer below.
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Paul MJuly 10, 2015 1:41 PM

I've been a fan of the Doctor since I was but a wee lad watching Jon Pertwee. I was lukewarm to Christopher Eccleston, but never thought I'd like another actor in the role as much as David Tennant. Then to my surprise it happened, when Matt Smith - who I couldn't stand at first - grew into the part in his second season, becoming my favorite (so far) incarnation of the Doctor. After two bubbly, happy young men defining the role so well, getting used to an older, crankier, irascible Doctor is taking a while to process. But Peter Capaldi is an undeniably great actor as well as lifelong Whovian, his second season should end his transitional period and find his footing as the Doctor. Here's hoping the Capaldi era will go on to achieve greatness alongside its illustrious predecessors.

KurtJuly 12, 2015 5:02 PM

Ahhh! So that is what Arya Stark has been training for in the house black & white.