The Creator Of Indie Scifi Hit INK Returns With THE FRAME

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The Creator Of Indie Scifi Hit INK Returns With THE FRAME
Denver based writer-director Jamin Winans created quite the stir with his 2009 indie scifi effort Ink. Winans' debut film had ambitions worlds beyond its budget and talent to match, winning love around the world thanks to its impressive visual style and while Winans has been largely quiet in the years since he's back now, having freshly released the trailer for sophomore feature The Frame.

Plot details are being kept deliberately under wraps for now but the visual aesthetic very much remains intact. The trailer is a bit of a puzzle box, hinting at quite a lot while actually revealing very little, but it's a compelling one. Check it out below.
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Mr. CavinAugust 15, 2014 2:45 PM

nothing makes me look forward to consuming a product quite like wasting two minutes being willfully annoyed. I used to lament the egregious overuse of the cookie-cutter movie trailer, but, yes, okay, I see it can be taken even farther and I admit that the result seems even worse. Take heart filmmakers: This incoherent mess would likely prompt me to avoid your movie, but it's so inept I already can't remember the title or the details, so I might end up there by accident, anyway.

mercyAugust 16, 2014 4:13 AM

Winan kept the composer is okay. But this blinking crap strains the hell out of viewers eye is basically animal&human torture not a "teaser"..... :<<<<<<