Dark Czech Comedy KRASNO Taps Into A Coen Vibe

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Dark Czech Comedy KRASNO Taps Into A Coen Vibe
[Updated with English subtitled trailer]

Though recent Czech comedies have generally been of the very light and crowd pleasing variety it appears that writer / director / star Ondrej Sokol has a little something else up his sleeve with Krasno, a dark comedy steeped in obvious genre and noir influences that seems more in line with something that the Coen Brothers would cook up. Cineuropa sums up the story like this:

The story follows a reunion, when main protagonists Adam and Michal return to their rural hometown, Šumperk, for a weekend. Michal is visiting his dying father, with whom he has a decaying relationship - he blames him for his mother's mysterious death. They happen upon a bigger reunion at their old high school and wreak havoc after getting drunk. Soon, the plot starts to accelerate towards the end of the first act, when the story switches to the detective genre, as Michal begins to suspect there is something fishy about his mother´s death and decides to investigate.

Though there are no subtitles the trailer offers up quite a lot to like. Take a look below.
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  • mercy

    Shudder when bringing up old memories like that the famous commie SKODA car along with those slum-houses that gave me the idea that these houses were designed for pigs held in cramped cardboard-boxes: everyone hears what the neighbors say and you can listen to the hammering noise generated by the lady's walking on the cheap tiled floor in her high-heels. ..shudder..

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