New To Netflix: HOUSE OF CARDS Or Bust!

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This weeks entry of New To Netflix starts with the elephant (or should we say donkey?) in the room, the new season of House of Cards, which went up in its entirety on Valentine's day. However, we've got a number of gems in this column that are available in the various red-envelope territories if the upscale 'TV' telling of dirty American politics by way of Shakespeare is not your thing.

New In The USA/Canada: HOUSE OF CARDS Season 2

The first episode of the new season, following Democrat Frank Underwood's machiavellian rise to the White House gives no recap of season 1 whatsoever, having faith that you the audience kept up with what happened when the series debuted last year.

Kevin Spacey is, of course, born to play this sort of deceptive, power hungry and fourth wall breaking southern politico, but the real gem here, as with season 1, is Robin Wright as the enigmatic and high power wife of Underwood. Told with grace, salaciousness and no holds barred, the second season is a pleasure and well worth your time.

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thseamonFebruary 18, 2014 4:00 PM

The best show on TV right now is a multi episode movie from netflix called House of Cards. But start with Season 1. That way when you watch the opener of season 2, you will have your mind blown.

KurtFebruary 19, 2014 6:45 PM

Actually, the first episode of the second season is kind of clumsy and all over the place....UNTIL...a certain point, and then the series is off to the races...

thseamonFebruary 19, 2014 7:40 PM

Hey Kurt, "off to the races" indeed! My wife and I are hooked again on House of Cards. We are not binge-ing, but watching one or two episodes per day so that we can savor the delicious darkness of the story.
Yes Kevin Spacey is rip roaring great, as is Robin Wright, but props must be given to a sterling cast that includes Michael Kelly, Mahershala Ali, as well as Molly Parker and Gerald McRaney, both from Deadwood.
I just read a piece by Peggy Noonan expressing concern that Washington DC insiders are enjoying the show. Maybe they will take a page from Francis Underwood and get some deals done.