Jesse Eisenberg Is Zack Snyder's Lex Luthor In BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

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Jesse Eisenberg Is Zack Snyder's Lex Luthor In BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

Via press release, Warner Bros. has announced that Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Lex Luthor in the upcoming, still untitled sequel to Man of Steel. Jeremy Irons will play Alfred, Bruce Wayne's faithful man-servant.

Eisenberg is certainly an unexpected choice to play Superman's most famous opponent. Will be essaying a nerdy character immersed in technology? With the creative and corporate forces involved, it's impossible to say at this point, but it gives the project some additional buzz.

In the official statement, Snyder commented:

"Lex Luthor is often considered the most notorious of Superman's rivals, his unsavory reputation preceding him since 1940. What's great about Lex is that he exists beyond the confines of the stereotypical nefarious villain. He's a complicated and sophisticated character whose intellect, wealth and prominence position him as one of the few mortals able to challenge the incredible might of Superman. Having Jesse in the role allows us to explore that interesting dynamic, and also take the character in some new and unexpected directions."

The film is due for release on May 6, 2016.

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  • DJ_BobbyPeru

    Ummm, okay. But I do quite like Jeremy Irons as Alfred. Great choice.

  • noodels2

    Funny I don't want to see what new unexpected direction they take this movie. This is the problem when everyone has to "make it their own"

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    Amen, noodels.

    Whenever somebody like Snyder says "new and exciting directions" we get mopey douche-baggery with homoerotic undertones.

    Still, I'm not going to pile on the Eisenberg casting. Kid's been nothing but a squirming Millennial before? So what? He's an actor, so he'll act. Imagine that.

    He might be terrible. Kevin Spacey certainly was. But it's unlikely to be entirely, or even primarily, his fault if he is.

  • tman418

    Because I know that people were not initially crazy about Heath Ledger doing the Joker, or Michael Keaton doing Batman, I thought the freakout with Affleck being Batman was just weird.

    But I feel very uneasy about this. I mean, shouldn't Lex Luthor be slightly older, and well-established in his business/take-over-the-world enterprise? Not whiny? Not moody? Smart, yet calm, cool, collected, methodical?

    I really hope this guy doesn't turn out to be like Anakin Skywalker before he became Darth Vader.

  • Howard

    saw man of steel a month ago. I liked the vision of superman's home planet and the outstanding special FX.... however, main character never really felt like superman aka Chris Reeves/Brandon Routh... maybe it's bc he's a brit and has that paleonthologist face. Also the attempt of making a serious superman was lame...this ain't no Dark Knight u feel me.

  • JG

    Out of all the problems Man of Steel had Henry Cavill's portrayal of Superman was one of the better things, especially in the interrogation scene at the military base.

  • Yojimbo

    He has a face of someone who studies fossils interesting.

    Got me looking in the mirror I think I have the face of a lepidopterist.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    I don't look in the mirror all that much anymore.

  • Howard

    basically his face is foreign which plays well in the immortals but doesn't cut it as whole-wheat bread USA superman. The previous supes flick w/kevin spacey/routh/kate bosworth is more endearing u feel me.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    You had me right up until your "endearing" theory.

    MAN OF STEEL was really bad, and, yeah, casting Henry Cavill's generic bo-hunk in the title role was part of it, but SUPERMAN RETURNS was really bad, too, and, yeah, casting scrawny pretty-man with a Reeves-kinda voice was part of it. Seems like a wash.

    The actors could only do what they could do with those rotten stories and the uninspired directing.

    Um, holla?

  • Yojimbo

    I now get what you mean he does not look American ok.
    Superman was an alien though so maybe he needs an non American face?

  • Howard

    too bad superman was miscast and it's too late to change actors..

  • Yojimbo

    Not bad casting.Though as has been pointed out the Robert Duvall looking gentleman in the background would make a better physical match.
    Superman has a panoply of villains and who do they pick Lex Luthor


  • [A]

    liked just because you used the word "panoply".

  • Panoply is a good word.

  • Mr. Cavin

    My initial reaction is that they are gunning for a similar story to the one wherein we all rolled our eyes about Heath Ledger and then he turned out to be the best thing about the whole franchise. Then I realized they probably just wanted the parallels with Zuckerberg: an evil corporate genius wants to take over the world? Well, why should the DC universe be any different from real life? I have more faith in Jesse than I do Superman or Batman, for the record. This is the most interesting thing about the movie yet.

  • Howard

    lex luthor will be re-written as a mark zuckerberg nerdy type who's billions come from creating a social media platform that controls humanity... wait that is real life.

  • [A]

    I think facebook is much easier to defeat than good old Lex

  • Mr. Cavin

    That's what you think. Facebook's just the money mine and targeting device. The death ray is hidden up in Mount Zuckerberg waiting for the app to send all the juicy GPS coordinates.

  • [A]

    oh noes!

  • Monsiuer Hulot

    I thought maybe they were talking about that bald guy with the handbag in the background.........he'd make a good Lex Luthor.

  • cuckoozey


  • Sebo McPowers

    Great choice!

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