CAPTAIN AMERICA Loves Football! Watch The New WINTER SOLDIER Teaser!

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CAPTAIN AMERICA Loves Football! Watch The New WINTER SOLDIER Teaser!
So, apparently there's a very large sporting event which nobody is allowed to call by name without paying for the right to do so and which drives people into a marketing frenzy coming this weekend and among the frenzied are Marvel, who are releasing a new teaser for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is not that teaser. It is, however, a teaser for that teaser. It's brief, but hopes you will find it suitably heroic. Take a look below.
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  • Snoop Lion

    Superbowl. Superbowl, superbowl, superbowl.

  • [A]

    A teaser for a teaser. Then a teaser for the teaser of a teaser.. and so on. It's all teasing, these days. Making trailers is the new hysteria.

  • tman418

    It looks like that last shot is Captain America facing off against "The Winter Soldier," but in his 1st solo movie (a.k.a. WWII) uniform.

    So is that a shot of him confronting the Winter Soldier in the present day with his old WWII uniform? Or is that a shot of him confronting The Winter Soldier during WWII?

    I really liked Cap's solo movie uniform. It looked like a real soldier's uniform, but a special kind of soldier, you know? His "Avengers" movie outfit looked like ridiculous spandex with no real function.

  • [A]

    maybe their “first encounter” happens early on..? then Cap gets a new suit, with no red

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