Trailer: "We're Tryin' To Build Something" - TREME Makes A Welcome Return

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Trailer: "We're Tryin' To Build Something" - TREME Makes A Welcome Return
"It's about culture, family, and tradition." - Antoine Batiste.

Treme is one of the most extraordinary works of reality-based fiction ever filmed, and also one of the most under appreciated. While it took many seasons for The Wire to reach its near mythic status, David Simon's follow-up series may be an even greater masterpiece. The intertwining tales of love, food, music and hardship uses NOLA as the heart of this compelling narrative.

Returning for a truncated final season, the work is at least given the dignity of a denouement, unlike the other underloved HBO classic, Deadwood.

In this trailer, you get a sense of what the show is, but I strongly encourage you to dig into it from the beginning, and let its unique mix of documentary, recreation and straight-up fiction convince you that this is not only one of the best shows on television, but one of the best examples of small-screen cinema you'll ever experience.

Treme Season 4 starts on December 1st on HBO. Seasons 1-3 are available on Blu-ray
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