Hey Indonesia! JAGAL (THE ACT OF KILLING) Now Available In Your Region

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Hey Indonesia! JAGAL (THE ACT OF KILLING) Now Available In Your Region
Back in late August of this year ScreenAnarchy noted that the well acclaimed documentary produced by Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, The Act Of Killing (Indonesia titled Jagal), was being made available to watch for free in Indonesia, where the events the film is centered on took place.

So consider this a friendly reminder for those of you in Indonesia: It's not a streaming copy, even better, it's a decent 540p digital copy to download, and to watch with your colleagues, friends and family.

This is a bold move by Drafthouse Films. This kind of documentary will never find a place to screen in Indonesia with it's sensitive subject that pretty much offended the current men in power and uncover the long buried history. It would put at risk those who dare to screen it and watch it, meaning this is maybe the only way to reach it's rightful audiences in Indonesia.

This documentary is a very important and relevant for everyone in Indonesia to watch, perhaps especially so those like myself being of Chinese descent, born and raised in Indonesia with the majority of this documentary taking place in my hometown, Medan. I was not aware of the issues in the documentary, even though i'm familiar with the subject and the organization, until I watched it. And then so many things started to make sense: The paramilitary organization Pemuda Pancasila and why they're very much feared, why the older ethnically Chinese generation, especially in Medan, is tabooed to be vocal about politics and so on.

My fellow Indonesian, I urge you to watch this documentary, like the director, Joshua Oppenheimer, stated in the website, just right before you download it.

"To refuse to forget the atrocities of 1965s genocide, from this day on Jagal (The Act Of Killing) film can be downloaded for free, we want you to play it, to talk about it, pass it on to friends in all corners of the archipelago. We worked for seven years to open a space so that these issues can be discussed without fear, in the hope that it can help you all fight for truth, reconciliation, and justice."

As it is a very unsettling experience to watch, Jagal (The Act Of Killing) show the truth that can bring change, justice and set the misconception towards those labelled communist straight.

Go to actofkilling.com and you can start to download it right on the front page.
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