Aaron Paul Has The NEED FOR SPEED. Now In Teaser Trailer Form

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Aaron Paul Has The NEED FOR SPEED. Now In Teaser Trailer Form
With Breaking Bad just about over what is one Mr. Jesse Pinkman to do? Well, if we can dream in operatic post-technicolor, he gets outta Dodge alive, and in one of them fancy suped up cars...

I honestly had no clue that Aaron Paul was the lead in the big screen adaption of the long running video game series Need For Speed until I saw this teaser trailer. And in all seriousness this may be the best teaser in ages for what is likely to be a paint-by-the-numbers action flick (apologies stuntman-turned-director Scott Waugh). It certainly helps that your leading lady is Imogen Poots and your villain is Dominic Cooper. But what really makes the trailer great is its smooth, and at times glacial, but then also adrenaline fueled pacing with an excerpt from Max Richter's excellent 'Sarajevo' (from his album 'Memory House') classing it all up. I know it's a gimmick and a bait tactic to use beautiful music like that, but god damn does it work. And of course there's the brooding Paul himself as a street racer/mechanic framed for a nasty crime.

Take a look below.

Need For Speed beings its roll out worldwide in mid March 2014.    
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actionacademySeptember 25, 2013 10:36 PM

Cool write-up, guys! We also covered this in our website.. and we linked to you with the last image :) http://actionacademy.tv/action...