Watch The Teaser For Dan Sachar's Sci-Fi Short LAST OF YOU

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Watch The Teaser For Dan Sachar's Sci-Fi Short LAST OF YOU
Long time readers may recall that we're big fans of Israeli filmmaker Dan Sachar here at ScreenAnarchy. Way back in 2009 Todd got wind of Sachar's poignant, Tarkovsky-esque short When It Will Be Silent: six minutes that showed a lot of promise. In 2011 Sachar delivered big time on that promise with the pastoral Overture, a post apocalypse for the philosophers and deep thinkers among us (and also my favorite short of that year). Overture was in fact his film school thesis, and upon graduation Sachar was showing no signs of stopping. It is then with great pleasure today that we share the teaser of his latest work Last Of You.
The inventor of a memory recording device obsessively replays the last day he shared with his late wife. One night, a call for help forces him to face the outside world and choose between present-time reality or total immersion in the remnants of a playback past.
Judging from the teaser Sachar seems to be advancing his form of thoughtful, meditative sci-fi to the point of where I have to ask: "Buddy, sir, man, Dan... when are you going to make a feature?"

Last Of You is set to have its premiere in Israel next month. To keep abreast of its whereabouts from there on out check out the film's Facebook page.

Last of You / Teaser from Dan Sachar on Vimeo.

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