Fingers Point In All Directions Over Leak Of Banned Vietnamese Film CHO LON

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Fingers Point In All Directions Over Leak Of Banned Vietnamese Film CHO LON
Ten days after the leak of Cho Lon nothing appears clear here in Vietnam. Immediately following the banned film's appearance on the internet production company and distributor Galaxy Film JSC sent a letter to the authorities to denounce and suggest an investigation into who was responsible.

According to Thanh Nien Online, after a short investigation, with the active and tight collaboration from Galaxy Film JSC and production company Chanh Phuong, along with others involved, the authorities believe they have found the suspected perpetrators who dispersed Cho Lon but until the investigation is completely wrapped up all involved have declined to reveal the identity of the suspects or their motivation.

The ongoing investigation, however, has not stopped Ngo Phuong Lan (Director of The National Cinema Department) from stating in public that both production companies (Chanh Phuong and Galaxy Film, both of whom have actively supported the investigation) are responsible for the leak of Cho Lon. Many people are not pleased about that statement, include Johnny Tri Nguyen. He published a sad status on Facebook about it, translated below:

Everybody knows that when Cho Lon was leaked on the internet the two studios were the most disadvantaged. There isn't any loss for The National Cinema Department. I feel sad that the Director of the Department would say something like that to the press while the source of the leak is not yet been fully investigated. Ask yourself, for example, if your home was robbed and the police came and - when they haven't finished investigating yet - they still said that you have to be responsible for the burglaries. Is it rational?

Also in his statement Johnny Tri Nguyen raises a big question about the actions of The National Cinema Department, going as far as to imply that the National Cinema Department may be the source of the leak:

Before the leak, the draft version of Cho Lon was stored in only three places: Chanh Phuong Film Studio, Galaxy Film Studio and The National Cinema Department. Both studios have produced many films in the past 10 years without ever leaking a movie before releasing it. As for the 3rd unit, I do not know.

Strengthening this thesis is long standing speculation that The Deparment had leaked a draft version of The Quiet American (2002), as was later detected by a hidden watermark inserted by the production company. I don't think that Johnny Nguyen is necessarily accusing that of being the case here, just that all possibilities should be investigated rather than rushing to blame.

There's no more notable news after this. But I presume that if the leak was The Department's responsibility that word should break pretty soon. I'll keep updating on this case.
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robotJuly 15, 2013 5:43 PM

Only question I have...are there English subtitles for said leak?

Todd BrownJuly 15, 2013 6:05 PM

No. And given that it's a) already a censored version with MANY changes made in an attempt to appease the censorship board and b) it's not even close to being finished, it's not even remotely a positive or accurate way to see the film as it was intended and that's before you even address the ethical issues.

robotJuly 15, 2013 6:27 PM

I will wait for fan sub. I would rather watch a bad version than not watch any at all.

arturoJuly 15, 2013 6:44 PM

One day a clean uncut version will be leaked on the net (i hope). The movie has already gathered a lot of interest.

Juan Andrés ValenciaJuly 15, 2013 9:15 PM

I find it ironic that the banner I got was from Cannibal Ferox, another controversial film (And it's hilarious too, "LISTEN TWAT!")

Martin WagnerJuly 15, 2013 9:28 PM

No. I've been watching it and it is definitely unfinished. At the same time I have yet to see why it was banned, unless Vietnamese standards for violence are INSANELY strict. This movie's not exactly beyond the pale in its violence. Based on what I've seen in this film so far, I can't imagine too many American films would meet their censorship standards.