Tiger Chen Is A Chinese Superhero In KUNG FU MAN Trailer

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Tiger Chen Is A Chinese Superhero In KUNG FU MAN Trailer
Man of Tai Chi is not the only star vehicle this year for the next generation of Hong Kong action actor, Tiger Chen. The protege of Yuen Woo Ping's stunt team will also headline Kung Fu Man (aka Kung Fu Hero), an English / Chinese-language family action film directed by Ning Ying & Yuen Cheung Yan and produced by Keanu Reeves.

In the film, Chen plays a Chinese "Kung Fu man" who protects a young boy from his kidnappers. Unlike other superhero films, there are no special effects or no stunt doubles, just pure genuine kung fu skills.

The release date in China is on July 19th. You'll find the trailer embedded below.
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  • adhip

    "No special effects, pure genuine kung fu skills?" Obviously a wire-fu. His acting seems flat to me: "I'm not superman, I'm kung fu man..."

  • Al Young

    What I really mean to say when I mention no special effects is no CG or green-screen. Its true that there are wire-work though but I think it may be used sparingly.

    Tiger actually speaks fluent English in real life but I guess hes playing a guy who speaks English with an accent.

  • milan

    Umm??? this Film is directed by Chinese - Xino. Man of Tai Chi is Directed by k-Reeves but this film here is a Chinese Production and a Kids movie, it's not meant for Tiger to be as brutal in this Film like he is in Man of Tai Chi. It's always so easy for people to degrade something when they have never directed a film or wrote one or even starred in one themselves..too funny.

    The fights were fun Mike, thanks for the love. And yeah Jayan we use a lot of wires for this one. @DSXlll it is passable for sure :)

  • looks WEAK!
    We have seen stuff like this before man.

    this guy got skills in Man of Tai Chi and look at him here with weak skills?

    i hate it when Americans are involved with my martial arts movies:/ let it be directed by my Chinese people!

  • Mike

    The fights look pretty solid but that cape is insanely goofy.

  • B A T M A N

    "Kidnaperer" LOL x:

  • jayan

    and a lot of wire work.

    looks like a kid's movie.


    The subtitles are hilarious, movie looks passable.

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