Watch Allu Arjun Stab The Crap Out Of Some Ninjas In IDHARAMMAYILATHO

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Watch Allu Arjun Stab The Crap Out Of Some Ninjas In IDHARAMMAYILATHO
Our latest AMAZING Tollywood trailer comes to ScreenAnarchy courtesy of the hardest working director in Andhra Pradesh, Puri Jagganadh. This time around, Jagganadh has taken on the challenge of turning pretty boy Allu Arjun into a cold blooded killing machine, and it looks like it might be pretty solid. This latest film is titled Idharammyilatho, which translates roughly as "With Two Girls", but don't get too excited, this is Tollywood after all.

As is usually the case, it's pretty difficult to get a grasp on what the film is about from this first trailer, but it would appear that Allu Arjun, better known as either Stylish Star or Bunny to his fans, is kicking it up a notch in the stabbing department. Bunny delivers some pretty mean prison-style shankings with plenty of the red stuff in the trailer, in between wooing a pair of pretty ladies and dancing up a storm. You know, like you do.

Stylish Star is coming off of a pretty major success with last fall's Julayi, so he's got some heat right now. His last action film, the Geetha Arts produced Indian samurai film Badrinath, tanked at the box office and with critics, so he really needs this win to get his action credentials back. Some of the fighting in this trailer is pretty damned impressive, but it's the knife and swordplay that gets my motor going, I wanna see some arterial spray and Jagganadh and Allu seem like they're going to make it happen.

Idharammyilatho opens in theaters worldwide on May 10th.
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  • roshan

    Love the background music (Violin) and musical song Run Run Run of this trailer.But did't understood Dialogue as I am hindi speaker.

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