Taste Plasmodial Slime Mould in THE CREEPING GARDEN

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Taste Plasmodial Slime Mould in THE CREEPING GARDEN
For many readers, the name Jasper Sharp is familiar as a leading voice in Japanese film criticism, co-founder of MidnightEye.com and author of Behind The Pink Curtain, the Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema. Last summer, over a couple of late night pints at his incredible, one-of-a-kind film festival Zipangu Fest, Sharp told me about a documentary project he was developing on plasmodial slime moulds. No, I had no idea what he meant either, just that it sounded awesome but I was sworn to secrecy.

Earlier today, however, Sharp formally announced the existence of The Creeping Garden, co-directed by himself and documentarian Tim Grabham (KanZeOn), and boasting an original score from Sonic Youth's Jim O'Rourke. He also released a 3-minute "taster" for the film, featuring incredible time-lapse photography, as well as a number of interviews with a variety of research scientists who have applied their study of these other-worldly lifeforms to all number of different areas.

From their Vimeo page:

"A real life science fiction movie exploring a world creeping right beneath our feet, where time and space are magnified and intelligence redefined. The Creeping Garden is a feature length creative documentary exploring the work of fringe scientists, mycologists and artists, from the UK to Japan, and their relationship with the extraordinary plasmodial slime mould.

With an original soundtrack composed by celebrated musician Jim O'Rourke (Sonic Youth, Werner Herzog's 'Grizzly Man') this is a unique exploration into a hitherto untapped subject matter, observing and immersing the audience into the worlds of the observers and the observed.

The slime mould is being used to explore biological-inspired design, emergence theory, unconventional computing and robot controllers, much of which borders on the world of science fiction. But as well as exploring the slime mould in the lab, the film will also travel out into the wild, hunting for the organisms in their natural habitat with dedicated amateurs and experts alike."

Frankly speaking, I'm sold. We will be sure to bring you more information about this fascinating project just as quickly as we can get it. In the meantime, be sure to check out the "taster" below.

The Creeping Garden - taster from cinema iloobia on Vimeo.

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TheGhostOfGriffinMillJanuary 28, 2013 3:10 PM

Two thoughts: one - this looks awesome; two - I can't explain why, but I get the sinking suspicion watching this that the slime mold may be the final key to the Singularity and a cyber-organic apocalypse. Just sayin'...

Ard VijnJanuary 28, 2013 5:21 PM

Sold! I'll buy one.

Mr. CavinJanuary 28, 2013 6:22 PM

This is awesome. Absolutely marvy.

Knut HoltApril 24, 2013 7:33 PM

We live in a creeping environment