Second Teaser For Stephen Chow's JOURNEY TO THE WEST Features First Footage, Dodgy CGI

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Second Teaser For Stephen Chow's JOURNEY TO THE WEST Features First Footage, Dodgy CGI
One thing is very clear about the upcoming box office duel between Stephen Chow's Journey To The West and Soi Cheang's The Monkey King. There's going to be a lot of dodgy CGI.

Both based on the same popular legends, Cheang's Donnie Yen starring project was first to get some actual footage to the fans (an earlier teaser for the Chow film featured no actual footage) and the fan response was less than impressed. Now Chow's Shu Qi, Bo Huang, Zhang Wen, Show Luo and Chrissie Chow starring effort - written, produced and co-directed by Chow with Derek Kwok - has followed suit and I fear the result will be the same. We get our first look at some key characters here and while the physical makeup effects appear better the CGI is still not good.

Check the teaser below.
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  • Arthur Vandelay

    I think the CGI isn't finished still. I remember Stephen saying this when the first teaser premiered, and seeing this teaser, the first few CGI shots still looked the same as they were before. Either way, I'm sure Stephen Chow's creativity will pull through. He's never directed a bad film before, and I'm sure it won't start with this film. Fingers crossed.

  • Snail

    Wow. The CGI is absolutely horrid given the track record of Chow's other CGI flicks. CJ7, Shaolin Soccer, and Kung Fu Hustle were all impressive in terms of the aesthetics of the CGI. This looks like doggy doo-doo.

    Hope you aren't slipping Chow.

  • toshimon

    I think it's not too bad. I've been watching Chinese films all my life,and I've grown accustomed to this level of CGI. Lets just hope the film as a whole will not suck.

  • hutch

    CG sucks in general there are very few movie (Hollywood or otherwise) that make convincing use of CG, and even less that have convincing CG throughout the entire movie. There CG there is, the more it's likely to suck.

  • mike

    yea i dont get why the CGI looks worse than kungfu hustle and shaolin. not that im expecting avatar cgi or anything but still. AND ITS IN MANDRAIN! wtf. the jokes arent quite the same to me anymore

  • Eric

    Chrissie Chau, what a odd choice.....

  • a mandarin stephen chow movie, a fucking. MANDARIN stephen chow movie. so this is what the whole end of the world thing was alluding to, i think the problem with the cg in this is that comparatively it actually looks cheaper then kung fu hustle and shaolin soccer because the cinematography and composition looks cheap. the pig head transformation actually is the best shot out of the entire trailer. lets hope a) the canto version is the original version and b) this is just early stage CGI that can still be fixed in post.

  • BelmontHeir

    Yikes. I'm having flashbacks to the Storm Riders era.

  • FridayThe13th

    the cgi is a bit dodgy for the Donnie Yen version, which is unfortunate, but after watching the version of this trailer posted by Al bellow, I feel that you might've judged Journey To The West's CGI a bit too harshly.

  • cuttermaran

    CGI is alright. You guys are obviously used too much to Hollywood CGI.

  • Al

    For a better view of the CG effects, heres the trailer in HD:

    The make-up on the Monkey king looks like the bastard child between Gollum and King Kong. Here's a screenshot:

  • The HD version looks better but still not good. The pig transformation and the rock smash, in particular, have very poor texturing and shading.

  • if you want a better SFX, please go watch Battleship, Pacific Rim, Avatar and other expensive movies.

    we are here for the story and action, not for the graphics.

    at least it's better than the Typhoon Japanese movies/Pinku type movies.

  • If I want better SFX - as Slackie Chan very rightly points out above - I can see Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle. Or CJ7, for that matter. This isn't a Hollywood vs Asia thing, this is Chow doing something poorly that he has done much, much better in the past.

  • marshy00

    I saw this teaser on the big screen last night and it still looked terrible. There's no excuse for it really. Money is no object in China right now and they really have no excuse for not hiring the best in the business to do pretty straightforward CGI work in a film like this. Who knows, the film might end up being a masterpiece, but on the basis of this teaser, I remain unteased.

  • boooo

    weak..they should just promote it as an animated feature.

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