First Look at Dan Henshall In THESE FINAL HOURS

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First Look at Dan Henshall In THESE FINAL HOURS
After breaking out big time with his terrifying turn as real life serial killer John Bunting in last year's Snowtown, Dan Henshall is very much on the fast track to fame and glory. Already this year he's had a pivotal supporting role in acclaimed miniseries Devil's Dust, has shot elevated horror movie The Babadook, and now we have our first look at his role as party boy Freddy in apocalyptic thriller These Final Hours.

Directed by Zak Hilditch, These Final Hours is about a self-obsessed young man (played by Nathan Phillips) determined to make his way to the party to end all parties on the last day on Earth. However he ends up saving the life of a little girl searching for her father, and she ultimately leads him on the path to redemption.

Henshall will play Freddy, who from this photo appears to be one of the crazy folk partying like there's no tomorrow. Which makes sense. Last day on Earth and all. 

Click below for a bigger version of this brilliant pic.
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HossMarch 16, 2013 7:45 AM

Just goes to show that ANYONE can be an actor these days.
Talent, training not required.

No.May 28, 2013 3:49 AM

Daniel Henshall was amazing in Snowtown, you fool ...