Full Fantasia Schedule Is Now Online (And It is Loaded!)

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)
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Full Fantasia Schedule Is Now Online  (And It is Loaded!)
As anyone who has attended Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival can attest, the festival is MASSIVE; and it has been growing at an alarming rate year over year.   With its new production marketplace and a plethora of new spotlights, tributes and events - not to mention 160 films - this years 22 day long festival is too difficult to summarize in a single post! 

Suffice it to say, before the fest kicks off on July 19th, there are, on offer, the latest films from Álex de la Iglesia, William Friedkin, Kim Jee-woon, Jennifer Lynch, Christoffer Boe, Kim Ki Duk, Pascal Laugier, Mads Brügger, Jaume Balagueró, Quentin Dupieux, Noboru Iguchi, Toshiaki Toyota, Dante Lam, Peter Chan, Pang Ho-Cheung, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang, and Prachya Pinkaew.   

And this doesn't touch the variety of anthology films, documentaries, short films or surprise filmmaker discoveries.  

Takashi Miike's musical comedy For Love's Sake will open the festival (and in true prolific-auteur fashion, he has a second new film screening at the festival, Ace Attorney) and Laika Animation's post-Coraline stop-motion feature Paranorman will be the closing night film.

Also, master classes with Jean-Marc Vallée and David Bordwell; an Animation Award dedicated to Satoshi Kon with a multinational animation spotlight; retroscreening of a 35mm print of Andrzej Zulawski's Possession; a dozen panel dicussions;  A heavy-metal LARPing event and (for relaxation) a double shot of those crazy, Dutch, New Kids films. This, of course barely begins to scratch the surface of what the festival and the city has to offer for the back-half of July and the first chunk of August.
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