NYAFF 2012: Hey NYC! Wanna Win Passes To DOOMSDAY BOOK or GUNS N' ROSES?

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NYAFF 2012: Hey NYC! Wanna Win Passes To DOOMSDAY BOOK or GUNS N' ROSES?
Why yes. Yes, you would. Today, we present a chance to win a pair of tickets to two of the most contrasting pictures in NYAFF's whole line-up. First we've got the sci-fi omnibus Doomsday Book from A Tale of Two Sisters mastermind Kim Jee-woon and Antartic Journal helmer Kim Pil-Sung. Then we have from Crazy Racer director Ning Hao, Guns N' Roses: a 1930s caper set in the Japanese puppet state of Manchuko, Mongolia. Both are centerpiece films at this year's NYAFF, which means they're guaranteed hot tickets, and we're giving them away -- hey now!

But what film will you win tickets to? Well, if you dare to take a chance on the Giveaway Gods... you won't know 'til you win, so here's how to enter: If you haven't already done so, simply 'like' Twitch on Facebook, and then leave a comment in the wall post for this giveaway. Do so by the morning of June 25th and you're golden! But please note that before entering you must be committed to either play date: Doomsday Book screens Wednesday, July 11th at 8:15pm. Guns N' Roses screens Saturday, July 7th at 9pm. Both screenings take place at the Walter Reader Theater at Lincoln Center. For more info on NYAFF and either film head here, and in the meantime, watch the films' trailer below. 

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AviJune 18, 2012 3:39 PM

Excited for Guns and Roses and Doomsday Book! I wanna see them both!

Dylan-ToddJune 20, 2012 2:14 AM

I figure the more Kim Ji-Woon I can shove into my life the better :) Thanks for putting out more buzz for this amazing festival!

vampireJune 24, 2012 2:40 AM

I want them both, I want it NOW!