Huang Bo is Gunning for Gold in the GUNS AND ROSES Trailer

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Huang Bo is Gunning for Gold in the GUNS AND ROSES Trailer
A favourite around these parts, writer-director Ning Hao is set to unleash his latest Chinese caper movie, GUNS AND ROSES, in the mainland on 24 April, and we now have the film's first trailer, courtesy of distributors Galloping Horse. The man behind such hit comedies as CRAZY STONE and CRAZY RACER may still have a film languishing in SARFT-imposed limbo (WESTERN SUNSHINE aka NO MAN'S LAND), but that hasn't stopped him from assembling a cast of familiar faces for a new action-packed period heist flick, which appears to owe more than a small debt to Jiang Wen's blockbuster LET THE BULLETS FLY. 

Huang Bo heads up the ensemble cast for a period crime caper that appears to centre around a quest for gold during the Warlord period of the early 20th Century. If the director's previous films are anything to go by, expect labyrinthine plotting, crackling banter, loveable bad guys and a whole lot of craziness. Tying the film in with its love of the glittery yellow metal, the release of the film has got together with jewellers Kela Diamond to produce a 5 gram commemorative gold ticket to tie-in with the film's release. 

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Todd BrownMarch 16, 2012 9:12 AM

I do believe that film title should read G'n'F'n'R.