THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 Behind The Scenes Pt1

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THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 Behind The Scenes Pt1
Last season AMC's The Walking Dead really pulled a hat trick, wrapping up a lot of loose ends, ramping up the action, and making some serious ballsy moves as far as who lives and who dies. The series got viewers believing once again that no one is truly safe.

Season 3 promises to be the payoff a lot of fans have been waiting for. With the drama behind the firing of Frank Darabont, and complaints that the show was too "talky" from some factions, the support of the fanbase seemed a bit "iffy" for awhile there. Then the second half of season 2 hit, and things really started picking up action-wise and the characters had something to do other than worry.

The farm was finally overrun  directly after the deaths of Dale and Shane, and it looks like Rick has finally grown a pair. I had been referring to the show as Lawn Of the Dead for a couple of months, thankfully I have been able to retire that phrase. Fans of the comic series, like myself, know that the last shots of the season 2 finale reveal that some BIG things are about to happen. We get a glimpse of the female warrior Michonne (to be played by the beautiful Danai Gurira, seen as Jill on the HBO series Treme) in all her samurai sword wielding glory, and as the camera pans up we see the Woodbury Prison. It's basically the "Monroeville Mall" of The Walking Dead, and figures heavily into the comic. cast, characters, and viewers can all plan on being there for awhile. Settle in, things look about to get really good.

Will Michael Rooker be returning this season? Will the comic character The Governor show up? Will T-Dog get to do more than bleed this season?

We'll see. For now check out the first behind the scenes vid from the set of The Walking Dead Season 3. Also, beneath the making of video, you can see yours truly chopping it up about the show with star Norman Reedus at ZomBcon Seattle last year, along with my pal, fellow Fangoria writer Thom Carnell.

You can also listen to/download commentaries for the the final episodes of season 2 HERE at The Night Crew page. Film maker Phil Mucci, renowned horror author John Skipp, and myself provide insight and bad taste for your listening (dis)pleasure. Simply download the mp3 and synch to the episodes on your TivO or mobile viewing device.

When season 3 begins airing, you can look here for The Walking Dead episode by episode breakdowns and updates by yours truly here at ScreenAnarchy as well. We will also continue at The Night Crew with full commentaries, and have a nice slate of celebrity co-hosts to come on and shake things up with us.

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