Someone's Put THEY LIVE On Acid And Called The Result BRANDED

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Someone's Put THEY LIVE On Acid And Called The Result BRANDED
When ScreenAnarchy ran the Russian trailer for Branded (aka Moscow 2017, aka The Mad Cow) three weeks back we already thought the Leelee Sobieski / Jeffrey Tambor / Max Von Sydow starring scifi film looked plenty strange. The American trailer is even stranger.

After Misha skyrockets to the top of the advertising business, a tragic mishap on the set of one of his productions torpedoes his career and he retreats into self-imposed exile. Ten years later, Misha returns to a radically changed world and finds himself plagued by visions of bizarre and terrifying creatures with the ability to influence people’s thoughts, desires and actions. Creatures only he can see.

He soon realizes the creatures are part of a clandestine campaign unleashed by a rival advertising agency to make “fat the new fabulous” and create a new era of uncontrolled consumer appetite. In order to save mankind, Misha uses his own considerable marketing skills to launch an ingenious plan to try to eradicate the plague. But the corporate legions will not go down without a fight.
Yes, it's They Live on acid with, shall we say, an interesting special effects aesthetic. Check the new trailer below.

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Joe YoungMay 31, 2012 11:00 AM

This US trailer was the shortfilm Logorama (2009).

skinnyboy23May 31, 2012 11:21 AM

Oh wow that looks amazing. I hope this gets a theatrical release,you don't see that sort of weirdness everyday in the theater!

roscoe leeMay 31, 2012 4:10 PM

Interesting! they could be a little more subtle with the CGI movements to look less fake. Just makes it seem like They Live remade by Michael Bay.

Ard VijnJune 1, 2012 4:51 AM

I'm getting confused... are there now THREE Cronenbergs?