First Teaser For Stephen Fung's Steampunk Infused TAI CHI 0

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First Teaser For Stephen Fung's Steampunk Infused TAI CHI 0
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Director Stephen Fung won a lot of love for his 2005 effort House Of Fury, a highly entertaining effort that seemed to cement the Hong Kong actor-turned-director's career shift. Things were looking up for Fung on the directing front. And then he became collateral damage in the Edison Chen sex scandal.

Chen was cast as the male lead in Fung's House Of Fury follow up, Jump, when the scandal hit. The reaction to explicit sex photos leaked from Chen's personal computer was so severe that Fung had no choice but to shut down production, recast Chen's part and start all over again. That Jump was finished at all is a minor miracle but the issue meant a four year gap between pictures for Fung and a definite taint clung to the picture. Zip forward another three years and Fung is finally in post production on his next project, the big budget mainland project Tai Chi 0.

A martial arts picture with definite steampunk overtones, Tai Chi 0 looks to be a return to form for Fung with the director going for the sort of high energy stylistic mashup that is a surprising rarity in Chinese language film. For years now Pang Ho Cheung has been the defacto voice of the young generation simply because there hasn't been much of anyone else playing in that field in any sort of meaningful fashion. Hopefully Tai Chi 0 will restore Fung to a growing class of directors - Wong Ching Po and Wuershan being the other major names - with the goods and the backing to shake things up a bit. Check the teaser below.
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