Have Your Say: This trailer coming soon...

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Have Your Say: This trailer coming soon...
Last weekend I took my parents out to the local 3D IMAX and watched "John Carter" with them. Much fun was had as we like pulp in general as long as it's entertaining enough. The gorgeous 3D visuals didn't hurt either.

But prior to the film we got four trailers: "Wrath of the Titans" , "Battleship" , "Prometheus" and "The Avengers".

I know these films, or at least know OF them, and enjoyed spotting the moments which will hopefully provide me with pleasure when seeing the full features in the future. But my parents did NOT know of these films and failed to distinguish one from the other (although my mother did spot the name Ridley Scott and the alien references). Interestingly, they couldn't recall a single title after the main film, just that there had been a godawful amount of explosions and noise in front of the film.

This concerns me a bit. I love me a well-cut trailer, but these days they all blur into the same thing. At the same time the release of these trailers are hailed as EVENTS in themselves, and for the fans avidly awaiting these films they certainly are. But Joe Regular? The non-fan who should get interested by watching a trailer? This just all blurs by.

As news I now read that the teaser for the trailer for the remake of "Total Recall" has arrived. That sentence can be used as a full description of Hollywood films and marketing at the moment. Hopefully this will be a trailer which will allow the crowds to recall (haha) the title a few hours after watching it...

So let's help the industry a bit. Is the theatrical trailer dead as an art? Can you provide examples of GOOD, MEMORABLE recent trailers? Something that whetted your appetite?

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